Malibu Rehab Center: Providing highly-effective drug-treatment programs to all drug and alcohol patients!

Providing highly-effective research-oriented treatment, Malibu rehab center has established itself as one of the leading drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world. Located in the serene surroundings of Malibu hills, the center is equipped with all the facilities and professional tools that can go a long way when it comes to helping patients overcome the crippling drug and alcohol addiction.

The team of highly qualified and experienced specialists working for the center follows a step-by-step approach in reducing drug dependency. The vast range of treatment programs available at the center makes it convenient for all patients to overcome all types of debilitating addictions and restore their health. Some of the popular treatment programs available at the leading drug rehab center include alcohol treatment, treatment for bipolar, non 12 step program, dual diagnosis, music therapy, depression treatment, motivational enhancement therapy and treatment for anxiety. Maintaining the highest standard for excellence in individual care for addiction and alcoholism, Malibu rehab center meets all addiction treatment requirements of patients in the best possible manner.

The non 12 step recovery programs followed by the center make it the one of the best drug rehab centers in the world. Widely criticized in the medical world, the 12 step programs have failed to provide the desired results. Non 12 step programs followed at the leading drug treatment center are known to provide remarkable outcomes. Without focusing on the traumatic past, these programs focus on treating the individual disease. The proven success rate of these programs made them the preferred way to treat all kind of addictions.

Personalized attention provided to each patient makes Malibu rehab center one of the most excellent drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world.  By addressing the underlying causes of patient’s individual health problems, the center speeds up the process of recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment available at the center allows patients recover from even the most severe dual diagnosis disease. Opiate detox is another of the most sought-after services available at the leading drug and alcohol rehab center.

Apart from all the guidance and medical assistance, the drug treatment center provides the much-needed motivation and inspiration to all the patients that can go a long way when it comes boosting their morale and helping them come out of their addiction. The therapeutic addiction treatment available at the center can help people restore their health, become sober and improve their overall quality of life.

Providing the best rehab facilities, Malibu rehab center offers tailor-made training programs that meet the requirements of all types of patients. The excellent one-on-one training programs are efficiently supervised by experienced and qualified therapists at the center. With its highly-reliable range of services, the detox center has managed to gain the confidence of a large number of drug and alcohol patients.

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