Diablo 3: Blizzard starting point for the decline of

The event of server failure may be a sign: Blizzard’s ongoing transformation, conflict with its aim has always been to provide users with the best game. Perhaps Diablo Diablo III “will allow Blizzard to successful transformation to continue to occupy the status of the king, but it might be a turning point in their declining.

May 15, 2012, Blizzard Entertainment’s latest work, “Diablo Diablo III officially on sale. Promotional activities seven days later, Blizzard is excited to announce the “Diablo Ⅲ in the sale of the first 24 hours it had sold more than 3.5 million copies of game copy (not included in their rage,” World of Warcraft ” “Diablo Ⅲ” to absorb 1.2 million players), creating a new record for fastest-selling PC games.

Celebrating, Blizzard Entertainment CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime said: “We also lead to a lot of players can not enjoy the gaming experience of seamless connectivity issue apologize for the lack of preparatory work.”グッチジップアラウンド財布

“Lack of preparation for the Diablo Diablo III” global server, especially in Asia, server instability, resulting in players frequently logged error, or game is not smooth event. Blizzard had the game on sale a month later, the market for South Korea and Taiwan launched a conditional refund policy.

Blizzard is known as the “sword” reputation, “Diablo Ⅲ” server event is unprecedented, but not accidental. Diablo Diablo III “on the line is a landmark event in Blizzard history, this is not because of its sales beyond the classic – Blizzard’s games are mostly the continuation of the classic works of the great heat, but because it’s very different business model with Blizzard previous products. Diablo Diablo III “the” lack of preparation, precisely with the Blizzard business model transition is related to a certain extent.

Blizzard’s first major business model transformation to occur by the end of 2004 “World of Warcraft” on the line. Previously, Blizzard’s three gold standard “Warcraft III, StarCraft, Diablo God Ⅱ” stand-alone games belong in the traditional sense, the user one-time purchase of the game client, then you can choose The three game modes: stand-alone, LAN multiplayer, and provided free of charge by Blizzard Blizzard multiplayer game, three games have entered the late life cycle.

World of Warcraft “charging mode is time charges, the client and props for free, until prior to the listing of” StarCraft II “in July 2010, the” World of Warcraft Blizzard has contributed the vast majority of revenue – 2009 will bring $ 1.2 billion in sales. “StarCraft II” after the listing, Blizzard retains the time of charging of the “World of Warcraft – Users can one-time purchase for life package, you can also receive free client, then the monthly payment.

“StarCraft II” after the listing, Blizzard fan of blame Blizzard’s lack of innovation. In fact, Blizzard put into the “StarCraft II” not all of the game itself: on the one hand, Blizzard is trying to subvert the profit model of the stand-alone games “StarCraft II”, such as transplant online time charges Another example is the use of “StarCraft Ⅱ” the development of derivative game “Blizzard DOTA”; the other hand, Blizzard around “StarCraft II” to create a whole new battle.net battle net, this is Blizzard’s new strategy in focus .

Battle network system is the platform of the “StarCraft II” players play against, “forcing” the registration and use of the players battle net (also to prevent piracy), Blizzard canceled StarCraft Ⅱ “offline stand-alone and LAN capabilities , that is, players can only log on battle net game, and even lead to protests from some players. Blizzard “World of Warcraft user data integrated into the battle network. Simply put, the war net will become a unified entrance of Blizzard’s game, the player passes and uniform recharge payment system. In addition, the battle network to all users of the Blizzard community, their experience in the game, achievements, awards, and Friends, ranking information at a glance in battle.net, enhanced buddy system even allows the player to “cross-game friends to communicate, “” World of Warcraft players are battle net page to browse the information, or in “StarCraft II” game, you can live in dialogue.

Diablo Diablo III “after the listing of naturally integrated into Blizzard battle network system, the charging mode and game mode and” StarCraft II “no different, but the Blizzard in the profit model had a very radical change, that is not yet on-line “cash auction”, which is Blizzard for the first time allow players to get in the game equipment sold in the form of cash, in which Blizzard extraction fee.

Diablo Diablo III “on the line Blizzard thorough transformation of a sign: from the traditional stand-alone computer game developers, the project system to sell products and services, to open up all user resources, integration of a large gaming community, all products are only one of the gaming community, which derived from a variety of profit models. Morhaime will be mentioned in the 2011 BlizzCon Blizzard will be starting to profit model changes: In addition to the Diablo God III “, the” World of Warcraft started selling in-game transactions props; “StarCraft II” derivative ” Blizzard DOTA may give up time pricing model to consider the mode of props or value-added service charges.

Blizzard transformation is nothing less than dramatic, after all, some practices, such as direct sale equipment, cash transactions in the virtual world of privilege “and between players, was a Blizzard in the past trying to resist the behavior. But the financial pressure facing the industry, environmental changes and Blizzard Blizzard had to be in transition.

In September last year, the research firm Information Solutions Group conducted a survey: social games the players in the traditional big game to spend time and money reduce. Although the survey’s sponsor companies Kabam itself is based on the Facebook social gaming company, has reason to suspect the neutrality of its findings, but the survey reflects the conclusion – the social game developers covet the traditional gaming market, as well as mobile Internet to the traditional game industry an impact, but it is an indisputable fact.

From the earnings of view of the Blizzard and other game makers such as Zynga and other game developers based on the ecosystem of the mobile Internet and social networking platform, not yet give these veteran game makers to cause a strong impact, but apparently has been forced to start thinking how to further enhance the user experience and stickiness of the games. To achieve this, the veteran game makers must make two great sense of transformation:

First, the so-called social needs of the players highlighted not only refers to the network gamers “simply” in the interaction between the virtual world, how to interact with more players online, how to enhance the interaction between users of different games and to enhance their dependence on the game makers not just a product. In order to achieve this, in addition to the blizzard outside, several major host platform is also struggling to get through all of its user resources, they create a huge social network.

Around the game of the birth of the mobile Internet ecosystem, its essence is that for the majority of game players, even the low threshold of non-traditional gamers gaming environment. The meaning of “low threshold” is the fragmentation time, anywhere, anytime to almost zero money cost options to access and switch game. This approach has brought great challenges to the traditional game developers. For this reason to see this trend, Blizzard began to try a variety of different profit model such as “StarCraft Ⅱ” time charges.

The financial pressure is also the Blizzard development is another important reason for the profit model. “World of Warcraft is the world’s most successful online games, from 2010, Blizzard has felt the risk of a single product line and aging. Throughout 2011, “World of Warcraft” online number fell by 800,000, compared to more than 10 million total users number, the loss of population is only a fraction, but the signs are now beginning to decline in the “World of Warcraft – February of this year Ding in the earnings conference on recognition of “World of Warcraft” in China’s sales decline. The profitability of the stand-alone computer games far can not be compared, and online games, Blizzard must find a new profit model.グッチキャリーオンダッフルバッグ 281394KBK2N8410

In this case, the “Diablo Diablo III to be Blizzard have high hopes. But it can become a Blizzard “rescue the Lord” is still unknown: Blizzard may be able to use the transition to maintain the dominance of, may also be declining this – after all, a fierce blizzard of change, and its consistent for the user to provide the purpose of some of the best games of conflict . In any case, God Ⅲ “server failure” Diablo can not get rid of “ready insufficient rush on” tag; profit model of change involved the adjustment of the Blizzard game design concepts and ideas, this is bound to be a difficult process.

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