Outdoor activities that don’t take much to get into!

The outdoors are beckoning loud and clear! More and more people are heading into adventure sports and to spend time in the outdoors. There are an increasing percentage of young professionals pursuing outdoor activities as hobbies. To call them as hobbies is probably wrong. People are heading into the outdoors with a passion! Over the last decade, dozens of new outdoor activities have gained popularity in addition to the evergreen activities like camping, hiking, and trekking. In this article, we’ll talk about a few outdoor activities that are new, but don’t need preparation and training to get into.

Overnight Backpacking

Families regularly used to go camping a few decades ago. America is the quintessential camping country and most middle aged people fondly remember the times they had with their families at camping sites and on jungle trails. However, our lives have become busy. Traveling away from the city has become difficult with both partners working. And kids have hectic schedules of their own. To counter this and yet enjoy time under the stars, people have taken to backpacking. Not much preparation -just a sleeping bag and a change of clothes, with other camping essentials. Head out on a Friday evening, spend Friday night under the stars and come back into town on Saturday!


If you live in an area where there is abundant snowfall, snowshoeing is a great activity to pursue. Unlike skateboarding and skiing, snowshoeing doesn’t require training. To put it simply, the activity just needs you to walk in the snow with a special pair of shoes! That’s it. Walking or Hiking in the snow burns way more calories than standard hiking. It is a great strength builder, and doesn’t take much to prepare. Head out in the morning and you’re back in a few hours.

Trail Running

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this sport is for you. Trail runners have more than doubled in the USA over the last 5 years. Running in parks and on the streets is passé. Head out for a weekend and run on a trail across some hills. There are dozens of very well made apps which mark hundreds of trails across the country, and it is easy to find partners for a run if you’re looking for one.


Snorkeling is increasingly becoming popular, with a growing number of PADI certified dive shops opening across beaches. Snorkeling doesn’t require much equipment. Just book in advance to ensure that there is a slot waiting for you, and jump in! Snorkeling is a great stress buster and the underwater world is a treat to experience. Most beaches have snorkeling shops, but the best ones are near coral reefs.


Climb something – Rocks, hills, mountains, anything. Climbing helps build great body strength and will keep you in top physical condition. There are several climbing clubs across the country to help you choose a suitable climb – starter to expert.

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