How to Avoid the Risks of Online Shopping

It is a General Perception of both internet users and non users that Shopping online has a

lot of risk involved with it. Even the users who have done some sought of Internet shopping are still not confirmed if the shopping they are doing online is safe and secure.


We Understand that this perception of Online Shopping related to Risk is quite justified. We  also Understand and agree that mangier times people have been a victim of some or the other  kind of an Internet fraud while shopping online. These risks vary from the credit card fraud  to the non delivery or the mal functioning of the site. People are also afraid of the After sales service on the product once the product is bought from a Site.


Where on one hand the ecommerce sites are increasing day by day, only a few out of them are  only service oriented, customer focused and trust worthy.


Here in this Article we will be covering a few tips and careful observations which will

help an Internet user to avoid certain risks involved in Online shopping.


First let us see a couple of incidences on Google for Online shopping frequent cases and try  to learn from them. There have been a number of cases where a buyer trust the Site and pays  and then the product never comes or if it comes it is not as good as said described on the  Site. If However the Product comes and is in fairly good condition as described on the site,  There is a confusion of who will take the responsibility of the After sales service of the product, which sometimes is the main point of concern of the buyer going for online shopping.



Here are a few Tips which will help an Internet Online shopper to avoid few risks while

Shopping online.


1.) One must Check and carefully read the Return and shipping policies of the site.

2.) One should confirm that the contact information of the seller is provided on the site.

so that you can contact them in case of any problem and discrepancy. In case the contact

information of the Seller is not given on the site, Avoid buying from that site.

3.) One must log out after buying from the sites where you enter credit cards and personal


4.) The Site must be using an SSL 128 Bit encryption of should be Verisign Verified. Just

writing of the Security is not enough, IT should be thoroughly checked.

5.) Again, Only a few people know about this, but there is an option of a Netsafe Card

available with carious Banks. This is a virtual credit card with only one time transaction

ability along with only a limited time period to do the transaction. One must check out

about this option and must use it.

6.) Must go through the Privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions of the Site.

7.) The last and probably the best of all of the above and the crux of the above points is

check about the site on Google. Check out for the reviews and customer feedback for the

sites on Google.



These tips will definitely help the New as well as Existing Online Shoppers to shop even

more carefully so that they reduce their chances of frequent.


We would also like to give few more tips on HOW TO AVOID THE FAKE PRODUCT and FALSE PROMISES



1.) Check for the After sales services and the product jejunity of the site.

2.) In starting order only low priced items from the site. On receiving the product and

experiencing the customer service of the site only then buy more Item from that Site.

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