Benefits of Shopping Online

  • Best bargain as you can visit numerous shops/suppliers.
  • No national or international barriers*, making equal playing ground for players from developed as well as 3rd world nations.
  • Consumer at a demanding position and suppliers not in a very commanding one.
  • Enormous employment opportunities, as a whole new industry is defined.


With modernization and fast paced life, came the constraints of time and eventually increasing dependence on online shopping. This has led to online shopping coming off age inIndia. People have commenced shopping through the convenience of online portals from the comforts of their drawing rooms.

The increasing purchasing power of the Indian customers is set to bring online shopping boom inIndia. One of the latest additions to online retail is advertising through social media websites like Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc. Apart from website technologies, retail leaders are trying to adopt video, mobile and social media strategies with a view to provide richer, more engaging and user friendly experience.

The price tag is bit higher in online shops. Especially those electronic gadgets. Laser printers available at Rs.5000 with vendors is priced at more than Rs.6000/-. If we have an option to get the actual prices so easily whom they are fooling around..? We always visit these sites to learn the price range and use this information to bargain with the vendor (Around 20-30% less).

Interestingly, a majority of consumers also said they shop online to purchase products that cannot be found in malls and the local markets.

Mumbai was on top among the 5 leading cities in online shopping in India, which is set to become the third largest nation of internet users in the next two years with a large chunk of youngsters eager to adopt new technologies with rapidly changing lifestyles.


Only once I’ve purchased a pen drive from Sify mall making sure that they are not selling for higher price. We often purchase books online with Books are the only things priced at less than face value and it’s a best buy considering the prices at book shops. We prefer Paypal payment rather than directly paying through net banking.

Most of the tech savvy and even non-tech savvy friends of mine are reluctant even to get the free internet banking offer by their banks fearing that it’s not safe. In such case how can Online shopping grows inIndia?

We stay in Tier-III city. once I’ve placed an order for books on one of the Sites. After making payment and waited for few days, their customer support gal called me to inform that they can’t ship the order to the place where I live and demanding me to collect my order from the nearby city which takes almost 5hrs up and down. Finally I’ve cancelled my orders and got the money credited back.

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