Western ridicule “Innovation incompetent use counterfeiting derogatory Kunming

Western ridicule Chinese “innovation incompetence

“Chinese people can not afford, never innovation,” Washington Post “published on the 2nd sentence quite acerbic comments, such as China vent hold in the grievances of many years. Throughout the Western public opinion field day in Kunming, China, found a “cottage IKEA, regardless of decoration colors, and furnishings store, or guide slogans, are highly similar and the Swedish home giant claimed in a message anger — Reuters. Kunming recently discovered the existence of “fake Apple store, this southwestern city labeled” the world of counterfeiting “hat, due to” enhance the counterfeit art to an unprecedented level “, the U.S.” Time ” Weekly ridicule “wise crown. These reviews allow the Chinese people felt “ashamed”, some people feel aggrieved that the Chinese company is an infringement of intellectual property rights, there is a dispute in the law. Chinese scholars Ding Yifan, said Chinese enterprises in the West is very complex, if plagiarism is not innovative, they would laugh at you; If you do not copy the true innovation, they will be afraid of you.

British media said the capture “cottage IKEA

Chinese retailers stole the IKEA experience, “Reuters news agency on the 1st this controversy of the Western media” cottage IKEA opened a theme reported. The agency, told reporters found in Kunming, south of an area of ​​10,000 square meters, mall, called “11 furniture store appearance and IKEA is no similar, but walked into the shop air max 2012 as exposure to IKEA, not only interior decoration and IKEA blue, yellow hue, store room furnishings, boot slogan or even a special pencil and wrinkles plastic bags are highly similar and IKEA. The mall and IKEA similar cafe style restaurant, just write on the menu is Chinese food, instead of IKEA Sweden Western. The article also said that 11 Furniture unauthorized use of the “IKEA” store are marked 11 furniture “, but the Chinese pronunciation of the name” IKEA “Chinese pronunciation is very similar, only two Some difference is that IKEA products are mostly CKD, and the purchase of 11 Furniture products to be ordered in advance.

“Shameless”, which is the German “Bild” to the reviews of Chinese enterprises, verbal abuse, apart from the Western media focuses on the meaning of “counterfeit IKEA”. Reuters said “cottage IKEA is a new one cottage tide on behalf of the Chinese counterfeiters increasingly seasoned, not stop, but began to imitate the appearance of counterfeit designer bags, sports shoes and the production of the pirated DVD shopping experience and services and other Western retail concepts, in a word: China cottage the entire brand experience. ” France, “Post” The irony the Kunming IKEA version 2.0 “is like IKEA’s twin brother, cottage technology is consummate”.

Counterfeit the world a few weeks ago just happened to foreigners found that “fake Apple store event in Kunming, the U.S.” Time “magazine to the Kunming describe large-scale counterfeiting, while the 11 Furniture was described as” wise title, counterfeit art raised to unprecedented heights. ” “USA Today said that 1000 years ago the Chinese invented the compass, gunpowder, and papermaking, to participate in the shaping of world history, but in recent years, the country notorious for various counterfeit products now, the Chinese people are not satisfied with the product fraud, and even the shop cottage. Irreverent Wall Street Journal said, “Welcome to the new era of Chinese cottage.

Whether the infringement is not yet determine the argument

Kunming was a few weeks ago exposure to the five “fake Apple store, had the Western public opinion shock. French “Tribune,” said cottage Apple stores sell Apple products, but the retail store itself, without Apple’s authorization, they are realistic to even the clerk did not know the truth. The article says, dare cottage all Chinese to create this planet is the most well-known Apple store, the more well-known than the real Apple store. Although the two Apple stores have been shut down, “Boston Globe” July 29 article, shut shop only equal to “stick a band-aid treatment of infectious diseases, Chinese officials did not sell counterfeit fake Apple phone refused to close the other three stores, “to tolerate the theft of intellectual property rights to what extent”.

Eleventh furniture did not sell IKEA products “imitation behavior” in violation of Chinese law? 2 to 3 days, the Western media have given different answers. British Sky Broadcasting, said Chinese law prohibits corporate copy other corporate retail “look and shopping feeling” and therefore illegal “Eleventh furniture imitation, but the premise is a registered trademark of foreign enterprises in China, and China on the implementation of the relevant laws “very lax”. The “Washington Post” that some of the fake Apple store to shut down 11 Furniture can continue to operate the reason it did not violate the existing intellectual property laws.

“Global Times” reporter on the 3rd parties to get in touch. 11 Furniture staff, said the company was founded in 2004, currently has two branches in Kunming, store all the goods by the company’s own designers, manufactured in the company of Kunming local factories. Staff person in charge is not grounds for speculation that the company’s “cottage IKEA, a positive answer. IKEA company told the Global Times, the company has been informed of the so-called “cottage IKEA things, is currently investigating the incident to verify, there is a further move will be released to the media messages.

A condition of anonymity, legal experts said, “Global Times” on the 3rd, 11 Furniture belonging to the different nature of the case with the fake Apple store, which sell a genuine Apple goods, but the store is unauthorized, against Apple company duly authorized in the interests of the franchise stores. 11 Furniture does not use the IKEA trademark IKEA for many imitate their decorating color, up to accuse it of “unfair competition”. Can not simply say “11 Furniture Cottage IKEA, the specific situation depends on IKEA decorating colors, service mode has its patent applications.

Some Chinese people have a different view was expressed that the “11 furniture” practice “not moral”, but there are also opposing view was that since the large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart shopping environment and patterns of convergence, other furniture stores may not have shopping environment and patterns similar to IKEA. Beijing Mr Li said, “Is Ikea blue and yellow color, and other businesses can not use?”

The creator of Chinese innovation, and the West are unhappy

“People say that imitation is the highest level of flattery, 11th furniture certainly will not let IKEA is pleased,” “Time” magazine on the 2nd cottage shop this is how to deal with Chinese counterfeiters new trend “, will become the problem of the West original brand scratching their heads http://www.saverunshoes.com/nike-free-run-3-c-60.html nike free run 3. German “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that the new more dangerous trend than the habitual plagiarism. For large international companies, their brand is worth more than the product. The customer not only a fancy laptop or shelves, more attention to the brand gives them the feeling of, including services and shopping atmosphere. The new plagiarism constitutes a threat to the definition of an enterprise.

“Chinese people have insatiable pursuit of Western brands, but there is no original” Spanish “World Journal” on the 2nd such accusations. The article also said that the Chinese people the most cunning is infringing keep nuances, “If you talk to him seriously, he would say, I told you not the same. The article said, the Spanish brand is China cottage has yet been found, because the Spanish brand also does not have the appeal, the Chinese people not spare some time, but this is a matter of time.

Can be pirated throughout the store, why piracy a single product? “American” business insider “side with the words of ridicule Chinese side photographic evidence of a dozen foreign brands in China, the cottage are listed on the site, including resistance to step NIBE sports shoe NOKLA phone, “a Starbucks coffee shop,” McKenzie “restaurants. Of Electronic Science and Technology website broke the latest news, iPhone5 has not yet officially listed cottage version is even more astonishing to say yes, some of the techniques of the genuine iPhone5 has been leaked.

From these reactions, the Western media like is the opportunity to give vent to years of ‘China’s inadequate protection of intellectual property rights’ grievances. ” Ding Yifan, researcher at the State Council Development Research Center on the 3rd Global Times said. He believes that the management style, promotional initiatives, such as so-called “plagiarism” is a globally pervasive phenomenon, it is difficult to KFC and McDonald’s did not learn from each other, Carrefour and Wal-Mart did not learn from each other. Ding Yifan, Chinese enterprises alone can not imitate, Zhaomaohuahu with Western brands beyond, but if China on the basis of learning innovation, and the West are concerned that Chinese companies undercut.

The Western media is also a reflection sound. The British “nike free run 3” the article said, the Kunming cottage shop reflects the Chinese coastal cities, the people of Western brands in consumer demand, this demand is unmet. IKEA in China, has nine stores, including the western city of Chengdu, but not including Kunming. Kunming public procurement in the “Eleventh furniture Li told Reuters reporter said, she went to the IKEA store in Beijing and Shanghai, wanted the products flown in from the true IKEA store, but felt too much trouble, so I came here.

“Chinese people can not afford, never innovation,” Washington Post “phrase vitriolic criticism to give the Chinese people, while also asked, do we never copied? The author of the article said, in fact often imitate each other’s products, colors, and operational activities between enterprises, between Hollywood copy to copy to. Two years ago, he was still in India to see a different version of “7/11 convenience stores, and some called” 11/11 “, some called the” 24/24 “. Russia “the newspaper reported more than Chinese-made counterfeit products that the world, the Philippines, India, Turkey and Italy, Sicily has this business.

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