Origami – fantastic art forms straight from Japan

The traditional Japanese artform that involves folding of paper is known as origami. The word is derivative from ori (which is folding and kami or paper in Japanese). This knowledge of paper folding has been prevalent in Japan since the seventeenth century and it now has its fans and followers all over the world. While the art looks very difficult to manage at first glance it is actually not that difficult to master. If you see a few how to origami videos you will find that folding paper to create fantastic art forms is not a tough ask at all.


It is said that when you get to see something that is being done you learn the best. The same goes for origami. When you see papers being folded to create intricate designs like swans and peacocks you first feel that you cannot manage to do it on your own. But watch some how to origami videos and you will see how easy it is to manage the skill of paper folding.


YouTube, as you know, is the largest video sharing website in the world. Go to YouTube and search using the words “how to origami” and you will find thousands of videos available. Some of these videos will be from amateurs and some from professionals. You want to create an origami design of your choice and all you need to do is watch a couple of videos on YouTube. Learning to create that design on your own will be simple after that.


There are some other websites where you can get resources for how to origami. Scribd.com and Docstoc.com are a couple such websites. Both these websites offer you resources in the form of documents, videos and books and you can use all of these to create your favorite paper designs.


And of course, there are many other video and document sharing websites where you get resources for creating your favorite paper designs using the Japanese way. But the availability of so many resources could create trouble for you too. You wouldn’t know which website to visit and which resource to use. Even when you go to YouTube you don’t know whether the video you have started watching has been created by an expert or not. But what if you got hold of a website that picks the best how to origami resources for you to ensure that you can create your favorite origami designs with ease?


Yes, indeed there are these video websites that help you learn origami in a professional manner. When you visit such websites you see a collection of items designed with paper. You want to know how one such item was created you just need to click on it and the corresponding video will be streamed for you. You will not need to decide what site to go to – YouTube or Docstoc or Scribd. It will be pre-decided for you. All you need to do is play and pause the video, follow the instructions and create your own paper design.


Learning how to origami online is simple. Once you learn you can create fantastic origami structures on your own.

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