GSP RushFit Training Plan: Bringing Out That Serious Side

I am often asked by people who are into fitness about what is the dominant trend in home workouts over the last 5 to 10 years. The answer is easy and comprises three parts.

First, people are wanting to ramp up the intensity because they foremost want to ramp up results faster and better. They also want a defined end and beginning. Third, they want the ability to have the first two things in an alternative format from P90X. This is not a dig at P90X in any way. The fact is no workout is for anyone and everyone. The other thing is even the many satisfied graduates of the program want to have alternatives to keep from getting bored but still keep growing.

What has resulted is you have competitors emerging trying to get some of the dollars at stake in the home market. These competitors wisely start with the P90X way of doing things and look for ways to do it better, quicker, and more effectively. So basically the last 3 years have been about the trend of improving P90X.

The folks behind the GSP RushFit Training plan know that this is no easy task. P90X is wildly popular and is only the highest selling extreme home workout program in history. There are roughly 5 million satisfied users worldwide. Though the market is far from saturated, this is very tough act to follow setting a high standard.  The amazing transformation results are the gold standard.

The GSP RushFit Training plan started out with the clear understanding that it would be hard to improve on those results visually, but there were perhaps opportunities to improve upon the means by which they were achieved.  To that end trainer Erik Owings and MMA legend and champion George St. Pierre decided to compress the time frames so users would have to work out less time each day and for fewer weeks. This of course means working out at a higher intensity which is another topic for another article.

The other place where clear efforts were made from P90X had to do with the simplicity and seriousness of the daily approach. Erik Owings was probably the perfect choice to lead the workouts because he carries a demeanor of great knowledge and matter of fact intensity.  To the many who have expressed some misgivings about the jokey approach at work in P90X have applauded the more grounded nature of the GSP RushFit Training Plan.




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