Perfumes are Magical as Music

Before buying any eatable, people generally turn back to read the list of ingredients. Women check ingredients of beauty products to ensure no harm is caused to their skin. What are the other things that you buy only after reading ingredients? For me, it is perfumes. It may come as a surprise but I buy perfumes only after reading their ingredients. You may think that the ingredients do not make any difference but this is not true. Ingredients of a perfume are as important as any other product and should be checked before you buy perfume online.

To check the list of ingredients, have a look at the backside of perfume bottle. The elements are either listed in a paragraph or in the structure of a pyramid. The pyramid like structure is not used for fancy reasons and there is a logical reason behind it. Wondering what does this structure signify? It signifies different notes of the perfume. Just like music, there are notes for perfumes that determine how a perfume smells like. Understanding perfume notes is not easy and one must have some basic knowledge of fragrances to understand the complex pyramid like structure. And for those who have no knowledge about fragrances, here below we have mentioned the three different types of perfume notes.

1.Top Note or Head Note – The smell that is sensed just after opening the perfume bottle is known as the top note or head note. Most of the people buy perfume just after smelling the top note. However, this smell disappears real fast and this is why it is suggested not to buy fragrances immediately. Apply the scent and leave it for some time to check remaining two notes as well. Such a practice ensures that you buy Ralph Lauren perfume correctly every time.

2.Heart Note – As soon as the top note blends, what you can smell is called heart note. Also known as middle note, this smell forms the body of the perfume. You can smell this note until the base note becomes prominent.

3.Base Note – The base note actually determines how a perfume smells and thus it is considered to be of utmost importance. Generally, it takes around 30-40 minutes before one can smell the base note. To avoid wasting your money in ordinary perfumes, it is always better to shop for fragrances patiently. Don’t take decisions in haste and let the fragrance spread in the air before making the purchase.

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