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When you have to work outside or inside in order to remodel the place, grow a garden, installing appliances and furniture, putting cement on the patio, building a pool or a shed, you just feel the need to get some saggy old clothes that will not count in case they are stained, ripped or discolored. But why do you have to choose them instead of a nice and high-quality work gear that makes you feel comfortable and ready to work and gear up? Make the right choice and try out any of the items that Workgear.com has to offer!


First of all, you might ask yourself what Workgear is and why it is so helpful. Well, let us start from the beginning. The American company Workgear which also owns a website, using the same name, was set up in Marietta Ohio by Will Koester and F.P. Bay, currently being owned by David and John Schramm together with Susan Satterfield. It has two fantastic locations, very well put together and maintained, a mobile unit and tones of happy customers! Its ideals of quality and service are carried forward into the 21st century, being constantly prepared to offer different, yet of the highest quality items that form a proper work gear. Having almost 80 years of experience in the industry, this company can deal with any client, any type of body or foot size.


In addition to providing fantastic work and gear items, this all American company displays on the website pictures of products, together with en-detail information and prices to suit any budget, useful advice and information in connection with the security policy, return policy and shipment procedures. What is more, WorkGear.com has partnered with a trusted third-party company, International Checkout, to accept orders from international customers.  One only needs to put the work gear he desires to purchase in the Shopping Cart and choose the “International Checkout” option. The work and gear items will be transferred to International Checkout for processing. The payment method is extremely simple: you may pay by International credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. International Checkout will process your order, including billing, shipping and customer service. Once your order is completed, all inquiries should be directed to International Checkout and after a short period of time, you will receive your order.


What you need to understand is that this company is highly spoken of and very serious, as well as reliable. It will try its best to ship your order as fast as it can, however if some items are out of stock due to size or color availability, the company does not send the order until it is 100% complete. Therefore, you must wait from six to ten business days for your item to be shipped. Subsequently, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail when your order is shipped. If you wish to check the status of your order prior to shipping, you are free to contact a member of the staff via telephone or e-mail.


If you cannot wait any longer to have your desired work gear and really wish to find out more about work and gear , then check out the company’s handy website!

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