The Workings of Piercing Belly Bars

There are a lot of folks that have piercings on their belly buttons. The increasing demand for this kind of piercing has led to an increase in the supply of belly jewelry. Prior to your piercing appointment, learn as much as you can about belly bars.

There are plenty of these to choose from and it can be difficult to find the perfect one right away. From the color to the size, you have to take a couple of things into account when it comes to such bars. What you have here are tips that can help you choose belly bars.

When it comes to belly bars, they come in 5/8 and other sizes. The best thing with most bars is that you can easily switch it out. For instance, if you got a 5/8 bar but needed a shorter or longer one, then just ask the vendor if the belly bar is ‘double threaded’.

Double threaded means that both ends of the bar are threaded. With double threaded bars, one can simply unscrew the existing end from the design piece and change it with a different length bar. These kinds of belly bars are common but there are some manufacturers that connect the design piece to the insertion bar.

The thing about belly bars is that they come in different styles and different materials at that so be careful. If you happen to like gold bars, remember not to go lower than 14k. Bars made out of gold are not only strong but safe as well.

For people that will have their belly button pierced for the first time, the bioplast material is suggested by the pros. You can expect the bioplast to facilitate healing and it is also highly durable. This material actually helps the person avoid infections.

Belly button bars made from stainless steel are fine for navel piercing. While this metal uses hypoallergenic alloy, there are several other metals added to make it more resistant to rusting and corrosion, although these don’t have any adverse effects on the quality of the belly button jewelry. Nothing beats the bioplast ones though if you are extremely sensitive.

Titanium belly bars and rings are a great choice as it is a very durable metal and is almost twice as light as the stainless steel. If you have sensitive skin, this is ideal for you. It hinders allergies because the metal is not combined with other compounds.

You will have lots of color choices with belly bars but see to it that you skip red or black. These kinds of bars are normally plated so it is possible for you to get something that you did not want to buy. This is still not the best choice for first time navel piercings.

With the increasing popularity of body piercing, buyers should be more cautious and watchful in what they are buying. The trick here is asking. If the seller is unable to answer them, don’t regret passing up that adorable piercing belly bars at the corner, as chances are, there is someone else out there that are not only knowledgeable with their product, but has something much cuter to offer.

If you’re interested in getting some good and reliable tips on how to get info about piercing belly bars, you can be sure to read this for more information.

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