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As dental check-ups are an important part of life, most often individuals visit a dentist more than once in a lifetime. So, it is important to understand the different chemicals, methods and practices used. In addition, a number of individuals now prefer to work with holistic dentists like Dr. Mark Breiner, DDS as a means to better overall health.

The book explains how dental issues and choices of treatment can effect other areas of health. In addition, it also provides a number of alternative treatment options other than those which use dangerous materials such as mercury in the mouth. A treatment which can cause a number of other health issues from digestion to cancer.

Of course, readers who have not read the first edition may want to do so before moving on to the 2nd edition which focuses more on these alternatives. While, those who have read the first edition are no doubt going to find the additional information most useful in maintaining excellent health. Still, it is important to incorporate these new concepts, protocols and tools found in this 2nd edition before seeing the success of such alternative dental therapies.

For example, it is in this 2nd edition that the doctor talks about various concepts and treatments which are healthier than many used in more traditional practices. In addition, he explains different areas of the body, mind and Spirit which can also be effected by dangerous materials used in traditional dentistry. Whereas, he also provides a list of resources related to holistic dentistry and those who are already practicing more holistic forms.

At least this is the claim in a new book called Whole Body Dentistry which focuses on the overall health of the body as part of the process. This claim is found in the second edition of this book by this well known and respected dentist. It is always up to each individual to determine how comfortable one is with this type of alternative treatment.

The book contains information which is important and relevant to both consumers and health care providers. So, as this dentist is a recognized authority and pioneer with over thirty years experience in the field, others often seek out advice on dental issues as well as research. In addition, this author and dentist has also been honored for his challenging work related to the safety of using mercury in the mouth along with other hazards often found in traditional dentistry.

It is often reported that many loyalists in the dental community believe that those seeking alternative therapies and treatments have something against general dentistry. The issues which most attribute to seeking out holistic dentistry are more in line with the chemicals being used in different processes rather than the standard procedures provided in this type of environment. As a result, by avoiding these harmful elements, many believe that one also avoids a number of ailments and exposure to asbestos, cancer and other deadly diseases.

As a result, anyone looking for alternative therapies related to dentistry may want to check out this book by Dr. Mark Breiner which is now available online or through many local bookstores and other outlets. After which, individuals can then make a more educated decision about the type of dental treatment which might work best for overall health. Otherwise, when going to more traditional dentists, individuals are most likely still going to be taking in a number of dangerous chemicals and other elements which are avoided in the alternative methods described in the book.

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