Allen Edmonds is still bursting out timeless classic charm

American high-end men’s shoes brand Allen Edmonds held in Beijing, China, for the first time the media preview, the upcoming autumn and winter 2012 declared Allen Edmonds official visit in China market. The appearance of Allen Edmonds Preview “along the footprint of the United States” as the theme, not only authentic interpretation of the classic high-end American way of life, more brand heritage rich history of nearly a century of shoe technology presented in China front of consumers.

Allen Edmonds preview site in Beijing Qianmen No. 23, rich traditional features cross with the whole theme echoes just like moments rotary, accumulation after nearly a century years, Allen Edmonds is still bursting out timeless classic charm. Footprint “along the United States’ exhibition carefully designed, and the use of three distinct themes of the exhibition interconnected panoramic display of Allen Edmonds in American society, history, culture and value, subtle and unique style of the classic filling completely. Walk a fine exhibition, the centuries-old walked AE nostalgic movie takes the audience into the Allen Edmonds shoe empire. 212 began in 1922, the traditional shoe-making process is the core foundation of Allen Edmonds Goodyear welt shoe technology, is also the brand adhering to the model so far. Selection, cutting, suturing, or system lasts, attached to nike free 3.0 Goodyear leather welt, decoration, polishing, Allen Edmonds “Tomorrow fulfill stringent for every production process and the pursuit of wearing comfort,” a solid foundation.

With the changing light and shadow across the promenade of time, the old photos of the legendary “is like a microcosm of the history, the historical heritage of the brand over the past century and shoe technology brought to the front of the Chinese media. Heavy sense of history through a site full of pictures, people will see the entire production process of a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes experienced craftsmen over 100 pairs, 212 full process immersive Ganwudao the skilled craftsmen manually cutting, assembling and stitching wonderful shoe technology.

Into the last exhibition, and followed in the footsteps of America’s “name of the people of those wearing AE” tells the Allen Edmonds dignitaries celebrities from all walks of life extraordinary origins. In addition to the movie stars George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio is a loyal customer of Allen Edmonds, numerous U.S. President also fond of Allen Edmonds from Ronald “Reagan, George Allen Edmonds shoes · H · W · Bush, Bill “Clinton to George · W · Bush have wearing AE shoes boarded the presidential inauguration ceremony of the podium, a very classic nike free run 3 style will never freeze in an important historic moment.

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