Chanel “Diamond Eternity” Price

hapter 1: Chanel “Diamond Eternity” Price $ 261,000 you want to get her this summer is unlikely, because the gifts with Christmas shopping in Europe and America’s spending habits, she was launched in December. This is named “Eternal Diamond” of the top female mosaic of 334 packets of 3.56 karats of diamonds, also embedded in 18 carat white gold accessories; In addition, the back strap with platinum to create CC logo as a platinum as the bottom, dazzling bright ghd style. While away from the launch date has been relatively long, but want to have this package you had better pay attention ladies, this package is only 13 Global Limited, a real expensive! Chapter

2: Hermes crocodile leather Bai Diamond Package This package price of $ 120,000 is also the composer of the famous French singer named Jane Bai Kim, 30 centimeters long, hand-held chain of 10 carat white gold diamond building, this package is expected to the world for sale. Chapter 3: Lana Marks Cleopatra sachet Max Price $ 100,000 annually will produce a “Cleopatra” package for retail ghd cheap. This year’s limited edition bag is metallic silver alligator skin to create, the edge of the silver skin from the 1500 18-carat white diamond pieces with a layer of luxury building “protective” layer.

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