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On birthday, anniversary or other holidays such as Valentine’s Day, people often send gifts to loved ones in order to express love and care. Especially when people ask for love or make a proposal, they want to be romantic. Needless to say, many people has an obsession with unique presents and innovative gifts. This year if you want to be different with previous years in sending gifts, please try to create a digital magazine for him or her as a special expression of love. I guarantee that the gift will surprise her and make her moved.

What to Prepare Before Creating a Magazine?
1. List all interesting, memorable and significant stories between you and her or him, such as dating, wedding ceremony or etc. Write them down and add photos as illustrations. You can save the content on a Word document, PPT presentation or a PDF file. Please customize the font, size, layout as your desire. This step is the most important and creative as you must record down all unforgettable stories and match story with representative photos.
2. If you have videos of those important occasions, you can also take full use of them beside corresponding story to enhance your digital magazine.
3. Prepare a song which she loves best as the background music.
4. Download and install a digital magazine software such as Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro which is innovative in generating digital editions of 3D animated page turning effect. This is Dirlene and Ianni’s wedding book, you can take a look at it.
After those work has been finished, a really unique magazine of your own can be created in just a few minutes with use of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro.

Make 3D Animated Digital Magazines from Existing Document
a. Import well-designed PDF/Word/PPT
No matter you have saved your stories on any document format, this Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro can generate an innovative digital magazine from it.
b. Customize options like template, toolbar buttons etc for magazine
There are many themes such as love, holiday, tech, travel, kid etc in the software. Please choose a theme according to your magazine content and present theme.
c. Make magazine more romantic and interactive with love declaration and videos
If you need to insert video recordings or have a lot to say to the gift receivers, please insert them into the magazine by using page editor with which you can embed the media into any position.
d. Publish magazine to a format suit your need

Now it’s the turn to output your digital magazine if all the look and settings have been confirmed in preview panel. To choose EXE, you can publish your magazine as executable file which can be viewed on Windows PC. Choose HTML, the digital magazine will be saved in flash format which is suitable for sharing on website.

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