Grandave Studios at Banning to generate 8k jobs and $1B revenue…

1888PressRelease – New Grandave Studios at Banning to create 8,000 jobs, $1billion revenue and a preferred filming location for the underrepresented.

San Diego/ Los Angeles/ Banning, CA – Grandave Capital announced today that they started the planification for “Grandave Studios At Banning” under the helm of their C.E.O. Ruben Islas.

A 200-million-dollar project, “Grandave Studios at Banning” should generate about 8000 local jobs and an average revenue of 1 billion dollars. A majority of the jobs should be long-term jobs. Groundbreaking is anticipated in January 2022 with a scheduled completion by January 2024.

“Grandave Studios At Banning” will be entering into a land use agreement with the city of Banning, CA, for the lot currently occupied by the Banning Municipal Airport, owned by the city of Banning.
Built in the 1940’s he single-runway airport is still operational and will remain so during construction. There will be no disruption of airport services once the studio project has been completed.

“Grandave Studios at Banning” will include a designated security office, corporate offices, cafe, retail stores, 18-20 energy-efficient “dome structure” sound stages, a water tank, outdoor “brownstone” filming facilities, storage facilities (rentable), and parking. Exact sq footage has not been determined at this time, design has not been finalized.

Behind “Grandave Studios at Banning”, is Ruben Islas, the son of very modest Mexican immigrants, now a successful businessman, who created Grandave Capital, a film financier with an emphasis on Latinx projects, affiliated to movie sales company Grandave International (Venice’20 MY TENDER MATADOR) and Latinx production company Broken English Productions (Omar Chaparro’s 7TH & UNION).
Grandave Capital helped financing several movies such as Cole Hauser’s PANAMA, Paul Schrader’s THE CARD COUNTER and Omar Chaparro’s 7TH& UNION.

Open to all type of productions, “Grandave Studios at Banning” will be a preferred filming venue/ location for the projects produced by Broken English Productions and financed by Grandave Capital in their efforts to increase underrepresented visibility and opportunities.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to do our share to help the community,” said Islas of Grandave Capital.

About Grandave Capital:
Grandave Capital, based in San Diego and Los Angeles, is an entertainment finance company with an investment focus on feature film acquisition, theatrical motion picture finance, development and production, and their LATINX production arm Broken English Productions.

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