Watercolor Paint Set 48 colors in a Metal Box

Watercolor Paint Set 48 colors in a Metal Box: a new product by the ArtWhale Art and Craft Supplies

(1888PressRelease) Another advantage of a metal box is that it includes a painting palette. So, it is a means of storage and a painting tool. Thus, an artist doesn`t need to bring a palette with him. For sure, travelers will appreciate this additional function of a metal box. All they need is to take a metal box and, thus, have everything to start painting wherever they are.

Watercolor Paint Set in a Metal Box: the Most Convenient One The variety of watercolors is tremendous nowadays. But not all of them can meet the needs of customers. Here is one example of a watercolor paint set combining high quality and affordable prices.

Art Whale presents a new watercolor paint set in a metal box of 48 items of the most popular and relevant colors. Customers can purchase it now. The half-pans set differs by its value for money and universality. Thanks to this, both beginners and experienced artists can benefit from art projects. The set also includes accessories that make the artists’ life more accessible, leaving him more time for creativity and his favorite work. And, of course, the quality of a watercolor set will not let them disappoint in the worthiness of their purchase. You can buy it on Amazon or from our website.

It’s quite an extensive set that chooses the 48 most needed and actual colors. Thus, both professionals and novices have many possibilities to reflect on their inner world and feelings. A diverse palette has all the colors to depict emotions and the state of the soul. And from a technical perspective, such a range meets the requirements for the desired color list of any picture. That is any difficulty level and type of art.

With 48 half-pans, an artist can create paintings of different styles, be it
– portraits;
– landscapes;
– still lives;
– modern painting techniques such as doodling, etc.

There`s a palette for mixing colors inside a metal box that’s very convenient and rational. Thus, artists can have everything on hand, not wasting time collecting all the media. Plus, sometimes creative people are too busy with their ideas to keep everything in their heads. So, a different palette will never be excessive.

Artists will have a lot of work to do because the high quality of pigments makes it possible to get new hues. Thus, if 48 colors are insufficient, they can always obtain new ones with the same saturation level. And if some artists sometimes complain about the poor quality of new mixed colors, Art Whale`s ones don’t allow them to be unhappy with the quality. That is possible thanks to the company’s fundamentals. One of the principles Art Whale sticks to is not to cut down on pigments. From general theory, they must know that the richer in pigments the paint is, the better. Thus, no matter what manipulation they do with paints, it will always look high-quality, preserving the properties inherent initially. And consequently, no matter what colors they mix, the secondary and tertiary ones will resemble the primary ones in the half-pans. To sum it up, the Art Whale watercolor paint set has combined general quality standards with convenient design and properties. Many artists have already experienced that!


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