Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree is a Holiday Book for All

(1888 PressRelease) Fans of Jeff Geller’s beloved children’s stories will embrace this book about being different, yet fitting in.

WESTFORD, Mass. – For Jeff Geller, MD and expert in loneliness, one of the most iconic symbols of American holiday traditions is the Christmas tree. Whether readers are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic or hold other religious beliefs, or none at all, the tree is accessible to everyone. Trees help all of us and there is a reason people gather around trees. So, Geller chose this tree to tell a new Christmas story about inclusion, teamwork and compassion in his newest children’s book, Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree.

Readers who loved Hershel the Jewish Reindeer, a story about bringing together those from different faiths and backgrounds to help with the magic of Christmas Eve, will embrace Harold. Harold was born on a Christmas tree farm but, unlike his fellow trees, he has no interest in being selected by a family and brought to their home. He would rather stay put on the farm and, with the help of his varied friends – Buddhist beavers, Taoist squirrels, Unitarian owls, an African chipmunk and even Hershel himself – Harold gets his wish. Not only does he grow to become his own holiday tree, but he makes the farm a better place for all in the future as well.

For anyone who has ever felt different or alone in a crowd, Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree holds an important message: respecting differences and embracing others during a season meant to connect everyone can inspire compassion and collaboration all year long.

“We are all unique and see the world from our own perspective,” explains Geller. “While that can at times be isolating, it can also open up possibilities. This book is about following your own path and the benefits that result when you join forces with other ‘unique’ individuals along the way. I hope it prompts young readers to be true to their differences, be respectful, and feel connected to others during this holiday season and throughout the year.”

To learn more about Jeff Geller, MD, visit the author’s website www.gellerbooks.com/. Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree can be purchased online through SDP Publishing and at all major bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

Jeff Geller, MD is a family physician with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Geller is passionate about bringing people together and reducing loneliness. Part of this work is done nationally as an innovator in the field of group medical visits and integrative medicine in community health centers. The other part of this work is in the form of creating children’s books for everybody! Harold the Reluctant Christmas Tree is a follow up story to Hershel the Jewish Reindeer. Harold, like Hershel, is a great story for children of all religions and those who are not religious at all. These stories can spark discussion on many levels about discovering diversity, differences in culture, and working together with others. What began as an impromptu bedtime story to help his children understand the complexities of many cultures has resulted in these children’s books.


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