Children’s Author Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott Releases Third Book

1888 PressRelease – Henrietta is a whimsical story about a curious and brave woodchuck.

MANCHESTER, Mass. – Author Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott has teamed up again with Vermont artist Kristin Richland for Henrietta, a whimsical story about a curious and resourceful woodchuck and a sweet little girl named Lily. Richland’s illustrations help bring Abbott’s heartwarming tale about friendship to life.

The adventure begins with Henrietta finding a beautiful garden and eating some of the vegetables. As the story develops, Henrietta’s curiosity leads to upsetting Lily’s mother, an overnight stay in a scary trap and an interaction with a hungry fox. Through it all, Henrietta learns about bravery, honesty, friendship and appreciating help from others. The end brings a surprise reward for Henrietta from her new friend Lily.

Now 94 years old, Abbott has created a charming book perfect for all readers. Abbott’s inspiration for “Henrietta” came when she saw a little woodchuck nibbling lettuce in her vegetable garden.

“This story nearly wrote itself,” says Abbott. “I hope readers have as much fun meeting Henrietta as I did writing her story.”

The book can be purchased in SDP Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott is the author of Cobblestones and Ice Cream Cones—A Trip to Nantucket in Rhymes (Kase Publishing, 2019), A Zoo Full of Rhymes (SDP Publishing, 2020) and two memoirs. She has additionally cowritten and edited multiple other publications. She graduated from Vassar College and studied editing at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study in Cambridge, Mass. She lives in Manchester, Mass. and has four children and five grandchildren.

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