Mitsuharu Group Signs a Contract for Superior Low-Carbon Fuel

(1888PressRelease) Mitsuharu Group collaborates with a company that produces innovative biofuels and renewable chemicals to market low-carbon premium gasoline.

Mitsuharu Group, a global provider of cutting-edge investment solutions and strategies to forward-thinking investors with a focus on delivering quality and excellence in all performance elements, today disclosed that it had entered into a renewable hydrocarbon buy and sale arrangement with a business creating biobased substitutes for items derived from petroleum. In accordance with this contract, Mitsuharu Group is required to accept deliveries of renewable hydrocarbons, particularly premium low-carbon gasoline.

The market for low-carbon fuels, such as low-carbon premium gasoline, will be developed with the help of this agreement. Additionally, it will allow Mitsuharu Group to sell sustainable fuel to domestic and foreign clients who have an increased need for low-carbon fuel.

“The high-octane gasoline and sustainable fuel that the renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels company deal with are a suitable fit for the Mitsuharu Group’s current fuels market, assisting the two parties in regularly integrating the low-carbon solutions into their supply chains. We anticipate that using low-carbon fuels will enable our clients to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint”, said Irvin Tadman, Managing Director of Mitsuharu Group’s Institutional Investor Group.

The two parties’ inherent compatibility is reflected in the agreement, which will assist guide the direction of the expansion of the product offers for renewable fuels. By collaborating with a strategic partner that merges sustainable agriculture and biorefining to produce sustainable aviation fuels and low-carbon premium gasoline, Mitsuharu Group has taken an additional step towards progress.

Since both sides are working to continue having a beneficial impact on the shift to a low-carbon economy, using a low-carbon ecosystem is crucial. The realization of a production facility that will aid in the manufacture of the renewable hydrocarbon products disclosed in the agreement is one of the conditions that must be met for the agreement to go into effect.

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