Ecosystem-Centric Innovation: Microsoft Partner-Led Associations Unveil Groundbreaking

(1888PressRelease) Microsoft Partner-Led Associations Join Forces in the Launch of the 12-Week GTM Momentum Accelerator to Their Members.

International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP), Women in Cloud (WIC) and Black Channel Partner Alliance (BCPA), a Microsoft Partner-led Association, is proud to announce its collaboration with Microsoft in the launch of the 12-week GTM Momentum Accelerator. This strategic partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the technology ecosystem.

GTM Accelerator Highlights and Opportunities:
• Strategic Integration in GTM Momentum: Our association is now a key player in the GTM Momentum Accelerator, bringing a unique, ecosystem-led dimension to this initiative.
• Tangible Outcomes and Expert Support: The 12-week accelerator will culminate in tangible deliverables, enriched by expert guidance, coaching, and a plethora of digital resources. Hear from Microsoft subject matter experts and third-party coaches to gain access to critical information and stay up to date in the ever-evolving partner tech landscape.
• Brand Amplification: Our partners will benefit from unparalleled brand exposure, amplifying their reach globally. This exposure is vital for establishing presence and credibility in competitive markets.
• Unlock GTM Access to Customers and New Markets: The accelerator opens doors to vast customer bases and new markets, enabling partners to expand their reach and influence more effectively. You will learn how to activate the Marketplace, no matter your partner type.
• Continued Emphasis on Co-Sell Readiness: The core focus remains on preparing partners for successful co-selling with Microsoft, leveraging our strategies and marketplace.

A Message from Partner-Led Associations Leadership:
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on the GTM Momentum Accelerator. This initiative marks a significant advancement in our endeavor to empower our members. Microsoft expertise and resources, combined with our community-centric approach, will pave the way for new opportunities and successes for our members within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. The investment in our ecosystem is a testament to their commitment, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing our partners achieve remarkable success in co-selling and marketplace endeavors through this accelerator. We’re embarking on a transformative journey, poised to yield groundbreaking outcomes.” – Chaitra Vedullapalli, President, Women in Cloud

“GTM Momentum is a strategic 12-week accelerator that equips partners to refine their GTM strategies, enhancing their ability to connect with customers and thrive in the Microsoft Marketplace. The investment in our communities underscores their deep dedication to our collective success. This accelerator is an essential tool for every partner seeking to amplify their marketplace presence.” – Eddie Bader, President, IAMCP

“The launch of GTM Momentum is a monumental shift for BCPA members. This accelerator provides vital GTM strategy assistance, guiding partners in crafting compelling offers and strategizing for marketplace triumph. It’s a game-changer that every partner should leverage. The breadth of support and guidance offered is unparalleled and crucial for navigating today’s dynamic market landscape.” – Frank Valdivieso, President, Black Channel Partner Alliance

A Journey of Growth and Collaboration
GTM Momentum represents more than just an Accelerator – it’s a commitment to our partners’ success. Our goal is to empower them not only with knowledge and skills but also with a network of support and collaboration. As they journey through this accelerator, they will not be alone; our leadership team is dedicated to addressing emerging needs and ensuring a fruitful and enriching experience.

Getting Started
The journey begins by completing the GTM assessment, a critical first step in aligning each partner’s goals with the resources and strategies offered in the accelerator. This assessment ensures that each participant starts on the right foot, fully prepared to make the most of the GTM Momentum experience.

• Accelerator Kickoff – Feb 7th, 2024
• GTM Momentum Masterclass & Office Hours – Feb 15th – Mar 22nd, 2024
• RevOps Sales Coaching – March 14th – April 25th. 2024
• Accelerator Closing Session – May 7, 2024 @ 12 PM EST

About Microsoft Partner-led Associations:
International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP), Women in Cloud (WIC) and Black Channel Partner Alliance (BCPA) are a dynamic, Microsoft Partner-led Association dedicated to nurturing and advancing the interests of its members in the tech industry. As a nonprofit, we emphasize innovation, collaboration, and mutual success, offering our members an array of resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

Contact Information:
For more information about GTM Momentum Accelerator and our collaboration with Microsoft, please contact: CMOOffice ( @ ) meylah dot com

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