The Secrets Of A Perfect Landscape Photograph

by Humberto Cortes

Photography is all about capturing a image and to make the moment stay with you for ever. The pictures taken with the help of same camera by two different people will always be different because the technique will differ and that is what makes a few so successful than others. Photography can be categoried as under water photography, sports photography, macro photography, landscape photography, travel photography, concert photography and so on. You will not be able to use the techniques for one kind on the other and the same will be for the equipments that are to be used.

Know more about landscape photography: While working with models or when you are in the room, you can do the makeup in a way that it looks good and even change the lighting of the room to suit your needs; however, this will not be the same way when you are trying to capture sceneries or landscapes. Since you cannot do any changes in the Nature, you can change the camera settings, so that they work best for you.

Below mentioned are some of the important tips that you can use in landscape photography: Try keeping the ISO setting to the lowest while capturing the image. ISO stands for the International Organization of Standardization and is a government body that provides the standards that are to be used.

Set the highest quality when you use a Jpeg as your file format. This will give you good image quality. This process will also make you to capture a sharp image.

It is also important to use the honeycomb-metering mode wherever it is possible. The honeycomb metering is also called as matrix, multi-segment metering or evaluative. This is a type of ‘through-the-lens metering system’, which will simultaneously evaluate the readings from the multiple areas to determine the perfect exposure.

Reset the Exposure compensation to zero, before you take a photo.

Use a small aperture while you capture a landscape photograph. Usually f/16 or f/11 is considered as small aperture.

It is important that you set the white balance setting before you take a photo, for example, if you are taking the picture in sun you should set the camera to a day light mode. The white balance is a process of reducing or eliminating incorrect colorcasts. Therefore, the objects that are in white color will be rendered correctly in your photo.

Select the Aperture-priority mode in your camera. This mode will allow you to select a specific aperture value manually while your camera will automatically pick the appropriate shutter speed for perfect exposure.

If you want you can also check on the internet as there are many websites that help you to know important tips. However, if you have not yet tried these tips, you might be loosing on a lot. It’s the right techniques and a few tips that can help you to become a professional photographer.

You can also take help from the experts and if you want you can also resell the copy of the same photograph. Reselling of the photographs has become a cash cow technique in the photography industry.

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