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Relive the most important day of your life through photographs

Considered a lifetime bond, lasting forever by building a relationship that keeps you going to the last of your breath is a called wedding. A real wedding is about finding your perfect match who is a soul mate whom you learn to trust yourbond life with and believe in becoming one within them. It is […]

DSLR camera parameters explained in detail

Whether used in a traditional film SLR camera lens or the increasingly popular dedicated digital SLR camera lens, the lens logo text, contains the basic properties of the lens are focal length parameters, aperture parameters, has the characteristics of other information. The above can be divided into four specific: Lens Attributes: usually indicates that the […]

What should be noted when shooting night scenes

Note the white balance adjustment Digital cameras are familiar friends all know, the color of objects produced by projecting light to change color in different light situations taken out of the picture have a different color temperature. For example, a light bulb lit environment photo shoot might yellowish, in general, CCD is no way like […]

What should be noted when selection of the camera flash

The most common camera flash, external flash should be the top commonly used. The several common external flash connected via wireless flash control them, in fact, became a little studio. This is the fastest way to have a studio of amateurs. Costs are relatively low. The disadvantage is that the light intensity is too small, […]

How to configure the flash light for digital cameras

Digital media products has clearly become the main concern, traditional products somehow becomes a subsidiary. As photographic accessories, flash across traditional and digital but has the advantage must be given attention. No flash, with good flash photography results in many cases will be greatly affected. Some flash can be in the traditional camera and a […]