What should be noted when shooting night scenes

Note the white balance adjustment
Digital cameras are familiar friends all know, the color of objects produced by projecting light to change color in different light situations taken out of the picture have a different color temperature. For example, a light bulb lit environment photo shoot might yellowish, in general, CCD is no way like the human eye will automatically correct the light changes, so we should pay attention to the white balance adjustment, especially when shooting at night should pay more attention any time to adjust the white balance.

Choose a different white balance, hue, and will directly affect the mood expressed by the movie. Generally do not select the automatic white balance, this will affect the intrinsic color of the light, so that loss of feeling unique color temperature, you can select the “night” white balance mode, but it is best to select manual white balance adjustment, because the automatic white balance while making a digital camera can be automatically carried out within a certain range of color temperature white balance correction, but it can automatically correct color temperature range between 2500K-7000K, more than this range, the camera will not be automatically corrects color distortion caused by the shooting screen, this when should use the manual white balance white balance correction, so make your movie is very true color reproduction, night effect is most natural.

Select the camera comes with a special shooting mode
How to do in case of night shooting pitch-dark? At this point we do not have to adjust the white balance, focus and other features, we may wish to use the built-in camera to capture special shooting mode, the Sony digital camera, for example, it offers two night shooting modes: infrared NightShot function and color Slow Shutter. Turn on infrared NightShot function, LCD screen will display a green, this time even in the dark environment can also be taken, such as shooting at night animals. If you are buying a high-end Sony DV, simultaneously with “slow shutter” and “Super NightShot infrared function”, the shooting will be better, though a bit blurred images, but compared to the use of infrared NightShot function only shoot more is bright and looks farther.

Open the image stabilization feature
Some close friends like digital camera stabilization feature that opens the image stabilization feature will make the shot feel unnatural, affect the clarity, after closing the only “authentic” feel, however, advise you, in the shooting night time, it is best to turn the digital camera image stabilization feature, you can effectively reduce the jitter and de-tail image, so the night becomes clear and stable!

Clever election scene
While night photography in terms of home digital video camera is a “dark killer”, but due to the dark sky, some unnecessary or even destroy the picture of the scene is dark, hidden, and the main part of the subject or scene can be highlighted with appropriate lighting, gives people a vivid impression. So, when we night shooting, be sure to pay attention to choosing the right shooting angle, clever election scene, as much as possible to highlight your subject, you can change the disadvantage into advantage, make your night shooting get unexpected results!

Night is inevitable that we have to come into contact with a shooting environments, such as bonfire, candlelight birthday meal, etc., if you can not grasp a good night shooting skills, then it may be very sorry to miss many wonderful picture. Just a few simple when talking about digital cameras night shooting problems that need attention, you want to be able to beginner camera friends can be helpful, I hope you can shoot more and more sophisticated techniques, the image can be more perfect night !

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