The importance of the camera flash

Each digital camera manufacturers in the light of the considerations done enough: most ordinary digital camera is not equipped with an external flash interface, and built-in flash is basically tasteless, ugly shadow sometimes bring. In fact, regardless of the flash to shoot a traditional or digital, it is necessary.

Principal photography that is light and shadow, the success or failure of the light is good or bad piece of work is critical. More mainstream digital cameras towards the development of high-resolution, various professional functions are gradually joined in, but the current in the light of each digital camera manufacturers do not go far enough to consider: Most commercial grade digital camera does not equipped with an external flash interface, and built-in flash is basically tasteless, its flash index is small, there is not much flash function settings, generally only light, no light, remove red eye, etc., using the flash resulting photos are often overexposed foreground, while the background still the black one, and sometimes take an ugly shadow. So many photographers indoors at night or in low-light shooting pictures rather empty out a little, do not want to use a digital camera that comes with flash.

In low light situations in order to get a good picture, we need to make the subject of light, you can borrow in the absence of light, portable and easy to use flash has become the best choice. Direct lighting is a taboo to use flash fill light, experienced photographer will generally hit the flash light colored surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, using its bounce flash fill light to the subject, obtained in this way the scattered light is used in portrait photography, the scattered light effects can be a vivid demonstration of a sense of human body, texture and sense of space. Figure 1 shows the effect of the wall using the flash reflector fill light, the use of equipment as: Olympus C-5050 digital camera + flash + Fuji Yin Yan External synchronization hung out.

In order to make better use of flash light, we adhere to two principles: First, there is an external flash hot shoe or PC interface digital camera, be sure that you want to configure an external flash; two external flash interface is not possible to use synchronizer and designed specifically for digital cameras flash, in order to get a good fill light effect.

When using an external flash fill light we need to pay attention

1.The camera flash lamp direction, note the angle lamp, use the law of reflection, that the angle of incidence equals the angle, about the reflection of light off the estimated position of the light so that the light can just fall through the reflection on the subject.

2.Select the reflecting surface is generally light-colored, preferably white, because the flash is cold light, the white light source can be reflected without modification, other colors reflecting surface will change the color temperature, white balance could easily lead to errors, and dark surfaces will attract a lot of light out, is not conducive to reflection fill light. Recommend the use of white plastic foam board (available from the decorative market, or directly from the buffer from a variety of home appliances in the box with foam to choose flat-shaped), as reflectors activities, while having a soft fill light effect, The actual use of good results.

Note that when you are facing can not flash glass, mirror or smooth surface of the object taken in order to avoid glare, a change of angle can be avoided.

3.Select the external camera flash as select vertical and horizontal angle adjustable flash, so that when the lighting would facilitate flexible. With built-in flash reflector prices are generally higher, or you can use white cardboard with a rubber band for fixed reflector is a good cheap alternative method, the size of white cardboard can be freely controlled, fill light effects tend to be more Okay.

4.Because when you use the fill light reflection astigmatism, cameras generally unable to accurately measure the amount of exposure, so it is recommended to adjust the aperture and shutter based on experience to take a digital camera is the biggest advantage compared with traditional film cameras is WYSIWYG, immediately after shooting is completed you can see the real effect, and then make the appropriate changes in exposure, you can get an accurate picture exposure.

5.When using a camera flash can not only get good results, we can use synchronizer, increasing the number of multi-faceted fill flash light from different angles, it will get better shooting. Figure 1 photos used in the process of filming the two external flash, a flash of reflected light fill light hit the ceiling, the other hit the side wall of the reflected light flash fill light, stereoscopic photographs obtained stronger.

6.Most low-end digital camera does not have flash hot shoe features, and built-in flash can be synchronized with a commercially available general tend to flash, so you can not use the flash sync, you need to purchase a digital camera designed specifically for flash, the price is higher. If you have PC interface on your digital camera, you can also fill light external flash sync. Figure 2 shows the Olympus 1400XL combination with external flash, is the author of 1998’s first digital camera to purchase, for the whole fool, no manual setting function. Since this camera has a PC sync port, after its configuration chassis and hung out, and extend its life for a long time.

Use an external camera flash, do not need to do too much investment, but using an external flash fill light, it will get more photographic fun, create more and better photographs come. If you can buy a better flash range within your ability to select some good brands are good.

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