How to configure the flash light for digital cameras

Digital media products has clearly become the main concern, traditional products somehow becomes a subsidiary. As photographic accessories, flash across traditional and digital but has the advantage must be given attention. No flash, with good flash photography results in many cases will be greatly affected. Some flash can be in the traditional camera and a digital camera to use, but some features will be lost; some new flash is fully considered the compatibility with the camera, the lens functions. This issue we give attention to this important issue and related accessories.

Now own a digital camera photography enthusiasts more and more in use, often encounter low light conditions. When the case of using the built-in flash can not meet the requirements to shoot, shoot photo effects are often not very satisfactory, FAQs background is too dark, flashing dark shadows in the character left behind, some underexposed photos and other characters. If you have a hot shoe on the camera you are using, choose to use an external flash will become inevitable.

So, it should be configured for your digital camera flash one does what? Digital cameras are not as traditional cameras can also use an external flash designed it? Use should pay attention to what issues?

Which digital camera can be mounted external flash
The answer may surprise everyone by surprise, and that is as long as the body has Tripod socket digital camera, you can install an external flash.
Many people think that a digital camera body must have in order to install and use an external flash hot shoe, is actually not the case. Digital camera body when no flash hot shoe, we can install it handle type external lead flashing type flash, use a digital camera body’s built-in flash lead flashing, triggering an external flash sync flash.

However, note that some digital cameras have a built-in flash to monitor pre-flash function, if you can not turn off this feature on the camera, then this kind of digital camera you can not use an external flash is a type of lead flashing. Some studio light shooting with friends encountered such problems, calling it “not synchronized.” The reason is: in a very short period of time Sync function works when the monitor pre-flash twice, the first pre-flash is not synchronized with the shutter, but it will trigger the external flash, flash when the second official, as external flash has triggered being charged and can not work.

For the body of a digital camera has a hot shoe, we have to be configured according to the type of its flash hot shoe. The main principle is that the interface to be worthy of the shoe. Canon G3, for example, it has set above Canon dedicated hot shoe, you can use the dedicated flash Canon EOS series SLR cameras for the design, such as EX and EZ series flash. Minolta 7HI and A2, configure the Minolta dedicated flash hot shoe, you can buy Minolta for its original flash. Nikon digital cameras as well. Of course, we also saw some manufacturers in the digital camera’s hot shoe to trigger a single point of configuration, such as Fuji S602, S7000, S20PRO and Ricoh digital cameras use some of this line of thinking, the advantage is versatility, we can for these cameras configuration is very cheap auto dimming flash, the disadvantage is due to the digital camera and the flash can not exchange data, the low degree of automation of the external flash, flash in special effects scenes are not very good, which is the automatic dimming flash decision principle.

Auto-dimming flash flash on the basis of universal metering components and increases the flash control circuit. It has a hole in front of metering, built with metering component that receives the light reflected from the subject. Due to the different distances flash, the flash light reflected by the subject luminance value is different, the reflected back to the metering device to control the length of the flash duration of the flash in order to achieve the purpose of the correct exposure. This flash is very cheap. Use should be based on the focal length of a digital camera, to adjust the range of the flash illumination; addition, in exceptional scenes may not be accurate metering metering components, we can use a digital camera shoot that now features through the aperture and shutter adjustments to control the flash effect.

How to configure a digital DSLR camera flash
Many people choose SLR-type digital camera, one of the main reasons is dedicated lens and original traditional dedicated flash on the camera can continue to use, in fact, not entirely true.

The use of the lens, not unlike a traditional SLR cameras and digital SLR cameras, such as TTL metering and autofocus systems can be universal. But in terms of the flash is completely different, at least in the past dedicated TTL flash metering function can not be used again. In the traditional SLR camera TTL flash metering function is detected by the reflective surface of the film to achieve, and the reflective characteristics of digital SLR camera’s CCD or CMOS image sensor with a completely different film. Because the use of a new measurement method, many people feel the use of multi-source digital camera flash photography creative when “unhappy” with the film color imaging that much difference. There are some color performance digital SLR camera flash photography when there is significant uncertainty, studio photographer, said prone “by color” phenomenon: What is the background color, people of color on the side what color.

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