What should be noted when selection of the camera flash

The most common camera flash, external flash should be the top commonly used. The several common external flash connected via wireless flash control them, in fact, became a little studio. This is the fastest way to have a studio of amateurs. Costs are relatively low. The disadvantage is that the light intensity is too small, too slow call back, after all, is driven by a battery.

The second is a small umbrella lights, this umbrella lights, small size, simple structure, the price is relatively cheap. Common market ranging from 25W, 45W-80W.With this umbrella lights, generally with umbrellas or soft umbrella use, you can make some small items, portrait photography.

Sets are generally sold, not close up when not take place, the price set only a few hundred, it is ideal for families or a small studio set up a small company to shoot products.

The third is that we saw that the most widely used studio flash in the studio.While continuing just a very good light, but the flash can save up energy issue at the moment, which also lays its position in the studio, that is a smaller cost, instant access to high energy , into an instant high intensity light source for photographic use.

The basic principle is that flash through electricity savings within the capacitor, and then released by the flash tube.Capacitance which is generally divided into two types, one is the boost capacitor, also called negative capacitance, one is the main energy storage capacitor.The size of the main capacitor energy directly determines the flash tube can be released.Generally, a 400W/s lamp takes about 4 400UF more main capacitor.

Where in the flash tube, the energy is directly converted into light, the lamp requires not only a high frequency flash, high flash intensity, color temperature and very precise on the requirements of the majority of the flash tube around 5600k. For color correction, and many brands will use their own customized flash tube, plated on a different film to adjust the color temperature, such as Brown’s flash tube will look a little pale blue.So if we buy it, the effect is the most important thing will depend on two points: the capacitor and lamp.
The following describes what issues should pay attention to the selection of the flash.

Burning the midnight oil pipe
General lights will tell you to buy the lamp does not guarantee or just three months which is justified, the lamp has a life. Belong supplies. So there is some light on the counter, the seller will say this lamp warranty to 1W or 3W times times.Also a good lamp, such as sea vine lamp, generally there will be a layer of coating for photographic flash, looks yellow or blue.Another new lamp lights for the first time may be smoke, which is a normal phenomenon.

Light intensity
This indicator has not reached mainly to see the actual wattage. Some brands may be virtual standard wattage, such as standard 600W may only 500W. Since the relevant international standards is relatively disordered, the best way is to ask to sell light meter, the actual test to see which of the index is relatively large.

In the case of the camera flash is not adjusted, and whether each flash intensity is the same. If they are different, then, when you shoot continuously for several photos of the same person, the actual situation is not the same for each light, especially for commercial photography, this point is very important, if more than one photo imaging inconsistent, the latter will result in a lot of trouble. Above this point, many domestic brands have done very good. You can ask the merchant to the meter by the outcome of several tests.

Simply put, is to adjust the value of the output value of the lamp to be consistent.Specific approach is that you adjust the flash at 1.0 when the meter reads about the value of 2.0 when the test again until the maximum.And then to adjust the value of the X-axis, Y-axis output value, big points on graph paper, the result should be as close to a straight line.

If the bend relatively large, which is equivalent to the light out of the lamp, can not accurately control the actual, especially a digital light, this performance is more pronounced. A lot of flash, the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 with a file aperture value, and the difference between 4.0 and 5.0, the difference may be only 0.3 or 0.5 aperture value, which in the professional photography, will lead to imaging errors. It is now the country generally do not flash one place, so many professional photographers have chosen to import lights.

The need to test the color meter, color temperature deviation sea vine lamp generally not large. It is worth mentioning that the softbox color temperature regulation can not be ignored, general domestic softbox can not play this role, internationally recognized softbox is relatively Korea AURORA.

Color temperature of the strongest and most soft light between
The color temperature difference is reflected in the soft light of the strongest color. This difference is not off to avoid, the greater the wattage, the more obvious differences, in general, 400W lamp at 300k or less can be accepted. The best control is Brown. This is also the reason it professional. When the test needs to have a color temperature meter. But also at the same time testing the light intensity index.Because the same 400w lamp, a lamp if the actual index is only 300W, then it is likely to be less than the actual color temperature difference between the 400w lights.

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