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Jiangxi Qingfeng: target towards Hollywood – radio and television, reform and opening up, businesses – broadcasting industry

Goal to Hollywood ?? Reform and opening up the story 30 years a large inventory of enterprise development in Jiangxi Qingfeng About people: Samrin Green, general manager of Jiangxi Qingfeng video equipment Corporate philosophy: Customer-focused, adhere to brand development strategy, rely on scientific and technological innovation, first-class products and establish first-class service, providing value for […]

Five initiatives to promote seismic upgrade electrical equipment – Electrical Equipment, Substation – Electrical industry

Experts through field research and seriously consider, on the reconstruction and future suggestions for network building. First is the standard of fortification equipment. Survey, substation equipment in seismic fortification intensity areas than more serious damage, the maximum earthquake intensity of up to 11 degrees, while the original fortification earthquake area is 7 degrees. In accordance […]

Extruder Xiangjie in basic skills – extruder screw – HC Network plastics industry

Twin-screw extruder HC plastic mesh Extrusion production line in operation of instrumentation 1, Inverter : Modern Extruder Use the inverter control for the first time users, as long as the basic functions learned in the factory are eligible debugging, so not familiar with the need to touch it before. 2, host ammeter: host current host […]

Beijing Aibo Varitronix: instruments must do so exclusively – Aibo Varitronix, instrumentation – electric industry

Beijing Aibo Varitronix: Instrumentation Must do so exclusively ? Visit Accuenergy Chinese company (Beijing Aibo Varitronix) China Director Mr. Xu Boxun promotion hc360 HC Network Electric Channel Accuenergy Chinese company (Beijing Aibo Varitronix Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 1998, is Accuenergy selling products in China production base and Promotion Center, specializing in Electricity System […]

Underwear creativity and promotion: strategies is more important than the stars – underwear, endorsement, promotion – the apparel industry

Celebrity endorsement has become a time-tested marketing strategy garment, underwear business the same way. Shopping malls, outdoor billboards, on the stars or handsome or charming appearance to attract people's attention, we have heard the discussion seems to be more for the star to the main body of the advertisement. Whether celebrity endorsements can become underwear […]