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Hualijituan: meter industry boss stories – Holley, meters, Wang Licheng – Electrical Industry

Zhejiang Moutain a legendary entrepreneur, but early to disclose their "50-year-old retirement plan"; a famous domestic and foreign capital in the master, but also Zengzaoyuguo brought covering a wide stall crisis; "do business, we must firmly grasp the development and expansion of the law, would rather not have the money gradually, must not blind to […]

Zhao Yu: Chinese wine culture and national culture fusion – wine, Zhao Yu – Food Industry

Zhengzhou, in the just-concluded national autumn sugar Wine At the meeting, Wine The level of activity exhibitors are much higher than the previous domestic and international wine brands account for a number of major hotels in Zhengzhou, Hotels Convention and Exhibition Centre and the main location. Not difficult to see the great potential of the […]

"Foreign milk dealers" gradually into the layout of the Chinese dairy industry, "foreign milk Era" – milk, milk powder, foreign milk powder – Food Industry

"The world to those who have milk." Liang Song, said the fundamental thing is to speed up construction of milk, dairy industry, the key is to perfect the mechanism linking the interests of building links and breeding areas for the formation process of integration; Second, to speed up milk Food Regulatory mechanism; third, speeding up […]

China's sugar imports in the first half surge – sugar prices – Food Industry

According to customs statistics, during the first half of this year, China imported a total of 730,000 tons of sugar, than the same period last year (below) increased 38.8%, worth 240 million U.S. dollars, up 15.4%. The main features of its imports are: 1, imports high, the average price of imports is relatively stable. In […]

High price of gasoline and diesel vehicle owners spend nearly 100 yuan a month – gasoline and diesel price adjustment – the automotive supplies industry

"1000 operator 10 000 operator did not count the price adjustment tomorrow." Yesterday evening, Mr. Sun will receive friends in the public text message alerts that will raise domestic oil prices this morning, "suffering for 10 days (from October 29 to Nov. 8), it has been said that the delay in moving to price adjustment […]