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Welcomed the arrival of jet 2.0 (B) – printer, ink-jet – printing special printing industry

MEMS: The New World Jet MEMS (Micro-Electro-MechanicalSystems, MEMS) is an emerging technology, but it has begun to fundamentally change the inkjet print head technology. MEMS is a tiny moving parts consisting of three-dimensional devices. With the sudden emergence of the semiconductor industry, MEMS devices has also emerged. Seiko Epson Corporation achieved on MEMS technology, commercial […]

2009 Beverage Competition Pattern 3

There are small local brands have entered the fruit juice industry. This shows that fruit juice industry will struggle to see a good show.     Carbonated beverage giant battle – Pepsi and delicious     Carbonated drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi have been dominated play to call is not new, though not many bright spots, it is not […]

Roundup: China's press industry is large enough not strong enough – plastic machinery, plastic machinery – plastics industry

China Injection molding machine The main exports of goods within territory HC Plastic Net News: Production accounts for 25% of the world, but only 9% of output China in recent years Plastic Machinery Industry-year growth are about 30% complete model, China has become the world's largest plastic machinery producing and consuming countries. As of 2009, […]

Industry Perspective: drupa on inkjet printing (1) – ink-jet printing, inkjet technology and digital printing – the printing industry

Since drupa since 1995 has been showing a number of advanced printing technology go ahead, one of which is Ink jet Printing. People use inkjet printing to labels and documents with variable information has been two years now. I believe a lot of attention to the development of inkjet printing technology industries are still remembered […]

Market observers into the field of automotive electronics manufacturers in the new IT park – Automotive Electronics, IT-auto electronics industry-hc360 HC Network

In the April 23 start of the 11th Beijing Motor Show, Shenzhen Hang Sheng Electronic Co., Ltd, Huizhou Huayang Group, Nanjing Automobile Control System Co., Ltd., Fu veteran of the domestic automotive manufacturers have appeared in Beijing International Exhibition Centre. Huayang Group display the latest, advanced navigation and information system digital screen car navigation entertainment […]