Sex Samasya and Sex Problems in Hindi

Sex samasya means sex problems in Hindi. Sex samasya and sex problems are both on a rise from the past few years. Hence to overcome this one can either visit a good doctor or take treatment from him or you can surf the internet to find the available information given in various websites about sexual problems, risks indulged in oral sex and problems that affect the newly married couples. As this problem is on a rise people are in constant search for a perfect solution to these problems.

Problems that arise during sex
1. Sometimes you can feel pain while performing sex which is because of dryness in the vagina
2. Sometimes reduced lubrication can also arise sexual problems in couples
3. Endometriosis is another state where the tissue inside the vagina grows in an abnormal way. This results in pain during intercourse. This isĀ  a very common problems in women

To overcome all these problems couple must take good sex knowledge so that the can avoid these sex problems

Sex awareness programs
1. In a country like India where more than half of the population is uneducated sexual problems is a common thing
2. Sex problems i.e. sex samasya in Hindi should be solved as soon as possible and for this there should be good sex awareness programs
3. Sex education is important and must be given to all children right from high school level so that they have good knowledge about sex.
4. Sex samasya teaches children on how to indulge in safe sex
5. Most of the people living in rural villages cannot understand English thus for them sex samasya programs must be encouraged.

How can sex programs be helpful?

Conducting sex awareness programs will surely help our country flourish and make its people educated about what sex is. The diseases which are transmitted because of unprotected sex has to be explained to people in Hindi as they too must know that these diseases are unlike all other disease which can be cured if taken proper precautions. Sex samasya is one such program which has been fruitful as it makes people aware of the unsafe sex or indulging in sex with more than one partner without taking any protection. Hence for this constant seminar, camps and awareness videos should be provided to the public to make them aware of the consequences.

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