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Vocal techniques to improve learning music

A singing voice, most of us have, but not everyone can develop vocal techniques properly. You may have noticed in a Karaoke Bar, passionate singers express their confidence by singing songs. But, to be honest only very few are pleasing to ears. The point is there are good singers who sing naturally well and such […]

How does music theory involve music learning?

Learning music implies you learn the music theory. Here are some myths relating to music theory that it deals only with learning notes, memorizing chords, key signatures, and so on. Another myth is that by learning music theory, one fails to express freely without music, besides music theory is all analyzing and is too hard […]

Tips to Musicians to learning music Easily and Effectively

Picking up music and new tunes is overwhelming, but the fact cannot be denied that in this process a good routine is followed. Be it your kid or an adult, everyone needs a routine to get a job done successfully. Here are few suggestions that will assist you in getting songs rehearsed in a short […]

Drum lessons, practicing tips in a unique way

The biggest hindrance in drum lessons is that people fail to understand the way of practicing the lessons. Actually, it should not be much of a problem, but as it is, here are simple approaches that need to be followed consistently. The information available may inform learning through video lessons by watching, but that does […]

How to select piano, a Clear Insight

A piano is a huge investment and so you need to decide the type of piano suitable for you. A quality piano is best as it runs down to generations. A thumb rule is to buy the best affordable piano. Using quality instrument to make music keeps young students motivated and enjoying playing the piano. […]