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Drum lessons, practicing tips in a unique way

The biggest hindrance in drum lessons is that people fail to understand the way of practicing the lessons. Actually, it should not be much of a problem, but as it is, here are simple approaches that need to be followed consistently. The information available may inform learning through video lessons by watching, but that does […]

Wedding Posing Tips To Appear Natural and Cool

The formal wedding portraits importance have now faded and now there are stunning wedding photographers  who do not concentrate on staged photos, instead create images capturing true emotion in an artistic way. If you wish for an insider’s look to understand how natural poses of wedding is created and how do some look strikingly beautiful, […]

How to select piano, a Clear Insight

A piano is a huge investment and so you need to decide the type of piano suitable for you. A quality piano is best as it runs down to generations. A thumb rule is to buy the best affordable piano. Using quality instrument to make music keeps young students motivated and enjoying playing the piano. […]

Violin Learning is Easy with theses 5 Tips

Violin is a beautiful instrument. Learning to play skillfully takes considerable time, but is way of enriching your life, worth an investment in music. The road to learning violin is long and requires patience, dedication, discipline and enthusiasm. Here are few valuable tips:   Maintain Punctuality: Being punctual is highly important while you start learning […]

Chinese language website of Dubai’s award-winning Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants launched

1888 Press Release – Dubai – Top UAE legal firm Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants is excited to announce to its existing and prospective clients that a new Chinese language version of its expansive and informative website has been launched. Award-winning firm’s (company) leader Mr. Hassan Elhais says the move is in recognition of […]