Home appliance trading day presentation (2010/04/08)

Two cities opened low early in the afternoon to increase the adjustment, Zhu Bo Diving main stock index fell below half a year after the line and 10 lines of adhesive support, and the heavyweight does not support the market, banking, insurance, non-ferrous have short, the market will re-test of 3100 points of support. Stock […]

2009 Beijing Futian Index, the cost of traffic congestion topped

Jan. 6, according to a data, by month, Beijing residents Traffic Congestion caused by the economic cost of 335.6 yuan, far ahead of Guangzhou, Shanghai and other first tier cities, ranking first in the country. The study by the Zero Consulting Group and Foton Car Company Jointly issued the "2009 Fukuda index?? Chinese life mobility […]

Gu Sun due to heavy rainfall in Guangdong is about 300 million to pay the amount

The province amounts to some 300 million Gusun Principle compensable from time to pay a sum of After last Friday, six reported peak, Guangdong Province, yesterday reported the number of vehicles leveled by the flooding. Reporter yesterday from the Guangdong Insurance Regulatory Bureau to the latest statistics show that as of yesterday afternoon, the province […]

States United States the truth card shop in Hangzhou Price Bureau will investiga

20 days, call the newspaper more than 20 consumer hotline, tells the time of their promotions in the business misfortune. Reporter noted that most complaints are consumer appliances, digital, decoration and other fields, of which a few days ago when the Zhejiang Gome 4 anniversary of the launch of "True shopping card" by a number […]

Southern vegetable after heavy rainfall is not ascribed

Frequent rainfall south before the weather really vegetable Shenzhen will bring about what kind of impact? Some media said that "51" after the Shenzhen market of vegetables continued to rise, leafy vegetables prices rose two percent overall. However, reporters learned yesterday, although the vegetable is indeed higher after the Spring Festival, but this month the […]