Mobile malware is entranced by the source deductions

CCTV 3? 15 party exposed Cottage Mobile In the hidden "deductions trap." In this regard, the mobile phone security experts Baoliao said, is not only a cottage phone, brand mobile phone users also face a large number of malicious threats deductions. Malicious software is the source deductions CCTV reported that many of the victims cell […]

Do not give up the group or appliance in the field will start all over again tri

Triple Trading Company 29, re-auction the shares issued notice to triple again, trading companies paid more attention to the trend. 30, the reporter learned from the triple group, regardless of the outcome of the third auction, triple the Group will not give up Home Appliances Area. Accordingly, industry analysis, this means that triple triple Group […]

China Hydraulic brewing industry "big move" to seek new breakthroughs

Domestic Fluid leak Representatives of the industry key enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and head of the relevant departments, industry associations and representatives of universities and research institutes, March 27, in Fuxin, Liaoning Province to jointly implement the "equipment manufacturing to the revitalization of planning" detailed implementation plans. "For the hydraulic industry, the conference will […]

Cotton Industry Development Xinye Current Situation Problems and Suggestions

First, county cotton textile industry development status In recent years, county cotton textile industry in the county, the Government under the correct leadership, according to “cultivating the lead, to grow bigger, stretch the chain, optimizing the structure and upgrade the level of” development ideas, adhere to grasp the scale of industrial expansion, grasping the leading […]

Drug prices will come down before the "dead cycle" it? – Pharmaceutica

October 2, the industry long-awaited debut price of essential drugs. And the retail price of existing government regulations than about 45% of drug price cuts, an average reduction of 12%, the new price will be implemented since October 22. Ate drugs on the bitterness of the consumers, the natural decline in drug prices is a […]