quarry for links of London jewelry

 One day I was enjoying tea-tasting at the shop for there was no business to do when a middle aged man came in after several times’ hesitation. He wore a suit of military uniform which has discolored because of washing and was not fit him very much. Obviously, it was given by links of London others. He looked at the links of London jewelry  behind the show window carefully and I stood up lazily. From his appearance I judged that he can not afford a links of London necklaces or others. So I was not so passionately and I stood up just because the working morality and also took precautions for his possible robbery.

Several minutes later, he focused his eyes on links of London charms and asked me to take it out. He undid the second button and took out a pocket. In it was 600 Yuan and he bought that links of London charm.

After working, on my way home, I came across a house in which the couple was quarrelling. I noticed that the man was the one bought links of London jewelry in my shop and they quarreled about their child’s tuition fee. He bought this with so much money so that they have links of London no money for their child’s tuition fee.

I told all this to my mother and she must understand their difficulties for when we are children, my parents also experienced such problems. So they offer to pay their child’s tuition fee for the couple.

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