Reasons For Ezine Marketing

There are two important reasons why you can do very well advertising often in your core set of ezines.
1. Ezines gain new subscribers every day. As these new subscribers see your ad, they will respond just like the older subscribers responded.
2. Few people buy the first time they see an ad. I’ll bet you’ve done this too. You see an ad the first time and say, “Hum, I’ll check that out sometime.” Then you see it again and say, “I’ve been meaning to check that out.” Then you see it a third time and say, “I’m going to check that out right now!” and you click on the ad.
Ezines come in all shapes and sizes. Some are published as plain text, and arrive looking like an email from a friend. Some are published in HTML and arrive looking like a web page.
Ezine sizes can vary too. The number of subscribers determines Ezine size. I’ve seen ezines that list 5 subscribers and ezines that list 2.5 million and more.
In this eBook, we refer to small, medium, and large ezines. Here’s what we mean by these terms.
. Small – Under 20,000 subscribers
. Medium – Between 20,000 and 100,000 subscribers
. Large – Over 100,000 subscribers
Another powerful factor about ezines is that they are delivered by email.
Email is now, and will remain, the most powerful form of marketing on the Web. Email is personal. People like email. And the way for you to tap into the power of email marketing without sending spam is to advertise in ezines!
You see, true ezine advertising is never spam! The people who read ezines have opted in to those publications. In many cases ezine publishers actually use a double opt-in process to ensure that the only people who receive their ezine are the people who requested it!
Ezine advertising has been proven effective for over 12 years for this very reason. Readers of ezines WANT to know more about the topic of the ezine. When the product you offer matches the topic of the ezine readers will WANT to know more about the product you are promoting!

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