Su Ningguo U.S. home appliance retail market segments of structural adjustment

Japanese media reports, last year China

Home Appliances

Giant chain


Reverted to its old home appliance chain LAOX Japanese companies, on April 23 in Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku East Exit to open up Japan's largest watch store? LAOXWATCH.

Linked to the previous Suning stores in China is also ready to open LAOX life, groceries, musical instruments shop store

States United States

Group of States under the United States is also prepared to do sports sharp dynamic, active product lines and market segments to expand. In addition, Suning boutiques EL


E, State Museum of the United States also show that the life of the country the United States and Suning are actively trying to reform and innovation of the forms or stores.

Investment adviser in the circulation industry

researcher Li Xuerong that this shows that our appliance retail industry is expanding from the size of a comprehensive upgrade to the intensive mode of operation, in keeping with global trends in home appliance industry restructuring. The analysis of the reasons was due to the attack of home appliance retail in and outside the case, more competitive, in order to consolidate the industry leader, we must explore new markets and make the appropriate structural adjustment, open the new situation. On the other hand, this is their own transformation and upgrading home appliance retailers need.

Chinese home appliance chain

now gradually entered a new stage of development, geographical coverage from the past to mainly oriented towards the market segment for further development. As competition intensifies in the future, home appliances chain stores will pay more attention to the difference operations. States United States States United States boutique shops and the living museum is a mature industry, home appliance chain segments in the field after the transition to the market development and selection, is also home appliance chain enterprises from the initial operation began extensive restructuring results.

Li Xuerong also pointed out that, Suning and Gome advantage of this transformation lies in its sophisticated supply chain operations and strong financial advantage. But this transformation also exists a certain risk, high margin, high value-added commodities market was bullish, but also because of the high-end market may be mature enough to bring pressure on their operation, while involved in a whole new market, can whether the home appliance industry, give full play to its strengths as well as the supply chain for new and experienced competitors how to respond to the threat of the other competitors are the future challenges.

And appliance chain on the future development trend, Li Xuerong that mainly in the following ways: first, the gradual shift to market segmentation targeting precision of chain development, through market segments, customers, products and


Gradually from the mass-consumer market to the various sub-groups and gradually extended. Second, the use of their resources, expand product lines, focusing on differences in management, but also more abundant consumer choice space. Third, pay attention to


Business environment, retail development opportunities, and to use its own mature supply channels active in e-business models. Fourth, by improving the entire supply chain management, logistics and distribution to increase efficiency and speed of response to further reduce costs.

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