Basic elements of a successful Martial Arts School Business Plan

Are you planning to start your own martial arts school or MMA Training facility?  Make sure you have done thorough planning which is most essential for your success. Planning is single important requirement for any successful venture. Some of you who choose to open their own schools may have strong martial arts backgrounds but not sufficient business experience. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you get some business experience in this field. Best way for this is get associated with some existing school or MMA training center as an instructor. This will help you in getting wider exposure of the industry and familiarization with its commercial side. You will be able to understand better the Do’s and Don’ts of this industry. You will also understand how others operate in this field.

Just being a great fighter or trainer is not all that is needed for success in the industry. You can hire professionals and experts for the areas where you are not experienced. But you may be having limited capital and resources when you start a new venture. It may pain you to find after a month that you did not consider many expenses and did not do proper budgeting before hand. This could be disappointing to find that you are not able to generate the expected revenue. If you don’t have  an academic degree or experience of running your own business, it will be wise to take few short courses on business management or entrepreneurship. Failing to plan is planning to fail. So make sure you do enough home work to do it right from the beginning. You can either work out your own business plan or take help of professionals who will be glad to do it for you. These days it is pretty inexpensive to have someone do it for you. This will give you the added advantage of a third party impartial opinion that can help you turn your expectations into reality.

Fundamentals of any successful business plan are market survey and research. You must be willing to get up and start digging through information. Since not all information that you gather will be relevant to the development of your business plan, it will help you to know what you are looking for before you get started. Doing this yourself can help you getting many great ideas and insights for your new business or you can outsource it. The SBA (Small Business Association) and their website has unlimited information and they also offer small business loans. According to the SBA at every successful business plan should include something about each of the following areas,

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis
  • Company Description
  • Organization & Management
  • Service or Product Line
  • Funding Request
  • Financial

Certainly this is a great time to get into the MMA or Self-Defense business for yourself, so do it right and Good Luck!


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