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If people and businesses are looking to sell plastic scrap then Local Plastic Recycling is the online site to explore. Since 1996 Vikoz Enterprises, Inc. has been a leader in the  plastic recycling industry offering local  plastic pick up services anywhere in the USA and Canada. Vikoz Enterprises, Inc. established the Local Plastic Recycling online division to advise sellers of plastic and resin scrap in all areas of the country of the local Plastic Recycler available in their particular areas. Sellers with large amounts  of plastic waste material can contact the local Plastic Recycler and give a description of the material they have.

Local Plastic Recycling specializes in post commercial and post  industrial  accounts  and  local Plastic Recycler are available to accept all plastic and non-ferrous metals, used plastic pallets, bins, totes and boxes. Local Plastic Recycling fully understands that sellers may not be aware of every detail about the plastic material  they  have,  but asks for the best description possible. Once the local Plastic Recycler are aware of all the basic details a salesman will be assigned to the account in a fast time, and usually this will be the same day. A Local Plastic Recycling salesman  from one of the Plastic Recycler around the country will determine the value per pound of the seller’s plastic waste material based on the location, the grade and the amount of material.

The local Plastic Recycler will arrange the pick-up and payment of the material and the  sellers of the plastic scrap simply have to load the truck(s). Each of the Plastic Recycler recommended by Local Plastic Recycling will have a Logistics Department  which will work with sellers of plastic waste  to move the plastic waste materials quickly and efficiently. Once the local recyclers have agreed on a price for the plastic waste material a purchase order will be released and when the signed purchase order has been returned the Logistics Department, the local recyclers’ facility will arrange the  free pick up and scale the load at a certified scale.

Local Plastic Recycling informs that all loads are scaled at a CAT Scale (certified scale) which will be a third party scaling company with guaranteed weights. Upon receipt and inspection of the material a check will be remitted together with the scale tickets. The local recyclers will stipulate a requirement of a minimum load policy before  picking up the seller’s material. Local Plastic Recycling advises that  local Plastic Recycler will pick up an average minimum of five thousand pounds. The motto of Local Plastic Recycling is “If it’s plastic we recycle it” and the only time the local recyclers are unable to recycle plastic is when the seller’s material contains multiple polymers or contaminants. Local Plastic Recycling has posted a chart of the plastic waste material that Plastic Recycler will collect. The local recyclers all over the country will pick up Polyethylene terephthalate–fizzy drink bottles and frozen ready meal packages, HDPE–milk and washing up liquid bottles and PVC–food trays, cling film, mineral water and shampoo bottles.

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