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Pet lovers can finally rejoice! Because there is an absolutely astounding array of dog bookends that you can buy online. From polyresin bulldog bookends finished with bronze, bulldog cigar bookends in cast iron and bronze finish or Golden Retriever or German Shepherds art deco bookends on marble stands, the choice is sure to leave you for gasping for breath.

The King Among Animal Bookends

The fact that practically the entire animal kingdom has been recreated by bookend manufacturers is no secret at all. Animal lovers can feast their eyes on a dizzying assortment of animal bookends – bear, bird, bunny, cat, deer, elephant, frog, horse, monkey, rabbit and turtle bookends can put any episode of Nat Geo Wild to shame.

But dog bookends are a class apart – they are the perfect tribute to the loving, loyal nature of man’s best friend. Most antique collectible canine bookends date back to the 19th and early 20th centuries. They were created with passion and precision by renowned manufacturers like Bradley and Hubbard Jennings Brothers, Hubley and Juddin in several materials like bronze, brass, cast iron, copper, marble, wood, granite, alabaster, porcelain and pottery.

And just like the most trusted animal on the planet, dog inspired bookends too serve many purposes. While for large swathes of population, these bookends impress with their singularity of purpose – holding books in place and preventing them from tumbling off book shelves, for those with the creative streak, canine bookends of all varieties have made the effortless transition from generic book-stoppers to distinctly decorative showstoppers.

For some, they are the most treasured collectibles, and many collectors are known to scour markets for bookends of their favourite breed. For many more, collecting canine bookends of a particular era or even a specific material has a very distinct nostalgic echo.

Every Dog Has Its Day

This adage certainly rings true, particularly when you take a look at the eye-popping range of dog-inspired bookends. Chocolate Labrador, Greyhound, Cartoon Puppy, Harley the Dog, Perky Pug, Baron Scottie, Smoking Dog, Afghan Hounds, Resin Bulldog, Westie Dog and Saint Bernard are just a few of the collectible dog bookends in gothic, classical, art deco, regency and Victorian styles that feature fascinating aspects of canine life, from the amusing and whimsical to more a serious and sober character. A pair of Chinese Guardian Lions, known as Foo Dogs, crafted in cold cast resin, finished in shimmering bronze enamel and embellished with intricate detailing is sure to impress lovers of Asian art. So go ahead, just get collectible dog bookends and watch the dog lover in you come alive.

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