The United States In The Microwave, “the Town Line To Market 1000” Full Start

America’s 2008 “steamed won nutrition champion” campaign, into villages. May 10, the United States in 2008 “steamed won champion nutrition” activities township Edition?? “To Market 1000 Town Line” launch ceremony was held in Chengdu Shuangliu County huayangzhen.

U.S. microwave

Chang, general manager of domestic sales force that “affordable for thousands of the town” activities in the microwave response of the United States ”

Home Appliances

Countryside “, but to further develop the Chinese market, an important measure 3,4 level.

The United States in the microwave “to Market 1000 Town Line”: prestige drums pull off activities

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Previously by the Government to promote the “home appliances to the countryside” pilot in January 2008 has entered the implementation stage. It is reported that the national financial plans to invest about 20 billion to start, Shandong, Sichuan, Henan province, home appliances to the countryside of the three experiments, each province, about 660 million yuan investment, leveraging hundreds of billions to the rural market. Appliances to the countryside will be a strong stimulus to the rural market potential demand. With the majority of farmers are living in transition from subsistence to moderate prosperity, the industry expects the home electrical appliance market, the country of 3,4-level market capacity in 2008 will reach more than 2300 billion yuan.

“Affordable for thousands of the town” activities in the microwave response of the United States, “home appliances to the countryside” call and advocacy, to promote universal health cooking project. According to the U.S. person in charge of activities, activities will start the second half of 2008, 1,000 villages and towns in the country has been launched by products, steam functional experience, promotions, etc., to be “healthy, efficient fashion,” as the core of beauty Microwave cultural infiltration into the nation’s villages and towns, thereby improving the rural tradition of cooking to let the rural and urban residents to experience microwave cooking simultaneously bring green living.

Day, Zhang force to come from local colleges and universities, representing five regions of the country, Ambassador microwave experience flag, declaring “the United States affordable for thousands of microwave ovens Town Line” opened the first roadshow. The opening ceremony, folk art performances, people cooking experience, healthy eating quiz and audience interactive games, large areas of relaxation and many other wonderful wonderful content, to attract a large audience to the scene to participate, and the atmosphere on fire.

Rural areas compared to other home appliances business promotion activities, blessings


And public contributions to the US’s “town line to Market 1000” to win more sympathy. As China’s national diving team and the swim team’s main sponsor, the United States in the microwave to numerous cities in the Olympic passion has ignited a “blessing of water forces, people big signature” scroll brought to the country, and the signature-crowded, all eager to leave their Chinese incentives for athletes and blessing.

In addition, based on the next generation to love the motherland and rural teachers, health knowledge, diet, kitchen science and technology trends, the United States in the microwave also presented a number of local primary schools new microwave oven. It is reported that the U.S. will be in the “country fair 1000 the town” activities during the continuing need to assist rural schools selected to carry out complimentary activities on campus microwave oven.

Zhang force said, as the industry leader, the United States in the microwave long-term commitment to the cultivation of a large market, the role of those in the industry. The “affordable for thousands of the town” event, the value of the United States of microwave theory shared space in the new market a new development?? The concept of supply and demand-based production rose to lead-based marketing idea, and consumers realize the value of sharing. “Let the rural people understand the ‘steamed’ food health, nutrition, and thus promote the concept of green cooking, to improve the quality of life for rural residents. This is the Government’s household electrical appliance enterprises but also for socially responsible corporate responsibility, but continued to lead the United States in the microwave , Everlasting one of the key strategies. ”

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