Air Conditioning Condensation Heat, And Heat Recovery Technology Details (below)

Wuxian Zhong et al [8] for the vapor compression refrigeration equipment, it was proposed to meet the hot water directly to the amount of water into the heat recovery Heat exchanger , Using the sensible heat of the exhaust compressor and some of its latent heat of condensation heating, hot water stored in a storage box for use.

Gong colorful, often Shijun et al [9] based on the combination of previous research and from the perspective of the fire with the condensing heat recovery and made double Condenser Heat recovery technology (figure 1), between the increase in the compressor and condenser of a heat recovery system (condenser) condenser heat recovery, heat exchangers from out of this plus Refrigerants The state is a liquid mixture of steam or gas, absorbed by the condenser behind the rest of the heat. The technique allows for direct recovery of the sensible heat of the steam refrigeration unit or part of sensible heat plus latent heat to a one-time heating or circulating water heated to a specified temperature. The form is mainly used Central air conditioning Chiller.

Pair of condenser heat recovery technology

3.2.2 Air Conditioner common form of heat recovery

Home air conditioners are widely used in China, and the quantity is one important direction for heat recovery. LIN [10] The air conditioning condenser heat recovery for domestic use were discussed and noted: Household air-conditioning heat recovery system as an effective method of recovery of low-grade energy can be widely applied to the transformation of common household air conditioning system on the application and energy a promising prospect.

Harbin Institute of Technology’s Jiang Huimin, Wang Yang, etc. [11], in the study put forward their own commonly used for home air conditioner heat recovery form (Figure 2). The form is in the compressor discharge temperature air conditioner refrigerant pressure steam injected into the hot water heat exchanger in heat exchange, heating domestic hot water. If the hot water that the heat transfer capacity to independently assume all of the condensation heat, you do not need to use air-cooled condenser, the other hand we must also use air-cooled and water-cooled condenser to bear all of the condensate load.

The form of heat recovery 3.2.3 Heat Pump Recycling Technology

YU Ying-Jun, WANG Meng-yun [12] on the condensation heat recovery means and feasibility were discussed. As Air Conditioning Cooling water temperature is generally 30 ~ 38 , are low-grade heat, to heat pump technology necessary to fully recover from the refrigerator and heat pump heat recovery unit on which a joint operation. The device to a heat pump Evaporator And received a refrigerator cooling water on the road, more suitable for the existing air-conditioning cooling water system to transform, control is relatively easy to implement.

Yin should be moral, Zhang Ling et al [13] after that made this typical form of indirect heat recovery condensate (Figure 3). When the water chillers and heat pumps also work, by controlling the cooling tower fan start-stop to control the cooling water return water temperature. Three-way valve controlled by electric cooling tower cooling water flow and heat pump evaporator flow ratio, the heat pump evaporator outlet water temperature below 32 , in order to ensure the normal operation of chiller. This kind of approach is parallel in the original system, a heat pump unit, the condensing heat source to heat as a heat pump hot water preparation.

Figure 3 using a heat recovery heat pump schematic

3.2.4 Phase change material heat recovery air conditioning condensation

Xi’an Jiaotong University, the Family, Unite [14] proposes to use air-conditioning condensate recovery phase change materials heat recovery form. Regenerative heat recovery device with a double condenser heat recovery technology to replace the compressor in the conventional air-cooled condenser and the condenser (or cooling tower) by series connection, use of cooling towers heat recovery system can not rule out the remainder of the heat storage. Regenerative heat recovery device using the phase change material with the condensing temperature is the temperature and change. Initially, conventional air-cooled condenser (or cooling tower loop) closed regenerative heat recovery device using hot refrigerant condensation section of the sensible heat and latent heat of phase change material is heated, this time with the heat recovery condensing pressure in the accumulator phase change materials and higher temperatures. When the system condensing pressure reaches the limit value, the open air-cooled condenser to release the excess refrigerant condensation latent heat, reducing the system condensing pressure. Heat recovery time accumulator accumulator tube can still use the gas refrigerant flowing through the sensible heat of superheated section of heated exothermic phase change material, to further improve the temperature of phase change materials. When the phase change material after the temperature reaches a certain set value (phase change materials can be used thermostat measured), the system restore the original condenser (cooling tower) cooling operation mode.

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