An overview of Barrett rifle models – M95 and 98B

Barrett, a brand manufacturer of rifles, has come a long way through transformations and advancements of its rifle design technology. It is said that Barrett rifle models are neither influenced by nor based on any rifle design of a different brand. To say precisely, there is no predecessor to be followed by Barrett. Such rifle models as Barrett 95 and Barrett 98B are no descendants of deer hunting rifles of bolt-action type. These two models are the first-born brainchild of Barrett. Later, they were developed into precise and purpose-built devices for long-range shooting. Years of hard-earned insight into the future rifle model have gone into the making of Barrett 98B and 95 models.

These Barrett rifles can be easily adjusted to fit an individual user’s specific needs and requirements. It has been possible because of Barrett’s modular layout. The straight line design that runs from the user’s shoulder to the muzzle can tame recoil. Owing to the same feature, Barrett 95 rifles can give more accurate and faster follow-up shots out of the detachable magazine having 10-round capacity.

The grip of ordinary rifles is so stiff that it leads to muscle fatigue. There is no such complaint about Barrett rifles which offer flexible and firm grip with absolute control over the trigger that too is adjustable. It reduces the problem of muscle fatigue as well. The thumb-operated safety option that Barrett M95 comes with is an innovative one. Access to this option does not require the user to compromise with the firing grip.

The non-compromised access apart, it lets the user maintain a robust weld to the cheek piece that is adjustable and adaptable. Manipulation of the oversized bolt handle is an easy job. It adds a new round to the chamber facilitating the glide of the bolt through a polymer guide.

When it comes to rifle optics, the upper aluminum receiver of Barrett M95 and 98B features an 18-inch long M1913 optics. These two rifle models have plenty of space so that substantial optics and a laser range finder can be mounted on them smoothly. The front receiver is drilled as well as tapped allowing the mounting of accessory rails at different 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

Barrett 95 and 98B are revolutionary long-range devices. These rifles come with a bipod or a rear monopod making shooting a pleasure. From its shooter-friendly adaptable design to the efficient muzzle brake, the Barrett 98B rifle is a genuine model with ingenuity in performance.

The 29-in barrel of Barrett 95 rifles gives high velocity shots with more accuracy. Designed mainly for military use, this rifle model is tailored made to suit the requirements of those who are not willing to compromise with accuracy for the sake of power. Its trigger housing, magazine well and buttplate are unitized or aligned to stiffen the lower receiver made of steel. Crafted from the same material, steel and reinforced with M1913 optic rails, the upper receiver provides support for the chrome-chambered barrel. It is easier to assemble the both in not more than 60 seconds, and that too without using any tools. No denying to the fact that these Barrett rifle models are user friendly.

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