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Home Appliances With each family Life Quality is closely related to qualified appliances not only to reduce the burden, should also play a direct protection of the health effects and do

Energy Environmental protection, protection of the environment from the perspective of indirect protection of people. Now

Buyer Electricity, many Consumption Who will give priority to health of energy-saving products, such as buying

Air conditioning Will consider whether there are new ones wind, sterilization, in addition to dust, remove smoke, odor or addition of formaldehyde, etc. In addition to the health function; buy

Refrigerator , Will buy antibacterial, keeping the refrigerator; As

Kitchen appliances , Involved all “imported” issue, of course, should be healthy in an important position, and the kitchen is to produce fumes, exhaust up to the place, so it is a healthy energy efficient products, it is even more important.

Many ways to create healthy air

Changhong Zhang Lin, general manager of Air South West Area

2008, the appliances in the field of “Health” theme will be more plentiful, stands at the forefront of air conditioning manufacturers will continue to be committed to health improvement and breakthrough technology. Surrounding air temperature, airflow, humidity and cleanliness, improving air quality and comfort for the user to create a more healthy environment is an important research topic. Meanwhile, the air conditioning manufacturers to provide solutions for consumer package of indoor environmental problems, in addition to products with a healthy function, but also help consumers understand and detect indoor environmental conditions, such as Changhong air conditioner, has the air detection system, allowing users to keep abreast of the indoor air quality.

Health is much learning, consumers in addition to the rational use of air conditioning, but also to a better understanding of medical knowledge, to develop good habits, to create a clean living environment.

Kitchen the most important energy-saving electrical products health

Striker Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Chengdu, Deputy General Manager Gong Lei

Health associated with energy conservation and many, such as design, materials, technology, quality and so on. Scientific design, environmental protection, material selection, advanced production technology, excellent quality … … all aspects of interaction in order to ultimately produce a healthy energy efficient products. Kitchen appliances and other household appliances vary, and other home appliances, the health of energy-saving features may belong to the subsidiary, while in terms of kitchen appliances, health, energy conservation is the main function. Water heater needs to minimize the emission of a

Oxidation Carbon content, smoke as often as possible to take away the kitchen exhaust fumes and gas stoves, gas stoves can burn as efficiently as possible in order to reduce the harmful emissions produced

Disinfection cabinet Must maintain a good

Tableware Health. Striker has always attached great importance to the health of environmental protection products, from the first to introduce lead-free water heaters to the latest net ion smoke, nearly suction hood, low nitrogen stoves, no electricity in the kitchen is not a leader in health . In the future, forward will continue to introduce more energy-saving health products.

Haier Haier Appliances leader called the health, large air-conditioning,

Washing machine , Refrigerator, color TV, small to smoke machines, vacuum cleaners, etc., Haier is very stressed health, the introduction of fresh air Po Air, sterilization washing machine so on by the market’s favor. The first shot in the air conditioning industry, the health of the Haier brand, it is started from the 08 frozen the health of air conditioning on a series of new products, including “08

Olympics Air conditioning “in keeping” two-way renewal Wind “,” AIP ionization purification “and other A-class technology based on the fresh air, the first of the” self cleaning “feature is triggered the biggest highlight of the consumer, a unique auto-cleaning technology for the user to solve the “air conditioning

Filter Network dirty and sealing “of the problem, since” 11 “on the market, with highly differentiated product features and personalized Olympic position sought after by many consumers.

Gree “Air boss” Gree, leader in energy-saving technology has been peer. South America’s largest country has been re-Gree Brazil’s highest energy-saving honor?? “Energy Star” trophy and the most authoritative energy

Certificate “A class of energy


Certificate. ”

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