Sun Rain Solar Scale New High Bid Of Cctv Ad

11 18, Beijing CCTV Gold Advertisement Tender will be on-site resources, solar energy, Jiangsu Sun Yu won the bid group to 220.4 million yuan CCTV advertising resources of gold, “weather” special, “Weather Forecast” 1 +1, and “North Korea News World” annual special title. Following the 2009 bidding CCTV advertising gold resources, Jiangsu Sun Yu Group 102 800 000 successful bidders after the CCTV network prime-time news special segment A standard version and advertising, the Sun Rain Group scored twice, another new

Energy CCTV Gold industry advertising resources on a new high.

Sun Rain Group Chairman Xu Malan new and international staff on site at the tender

It is understood that the sun As the rain Group leader in solar thermal industry, as a professional in solar energy applications of new technology research, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech enterprise, is the largest

Solar water heaters Production and Sell Enterprise; products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, exports ahead.

2009 successful year solar rain 102 800 000 CCTV advertising gold resources, greatly enhanced the brand awareness of the rain the sun. 2009 Sun Rain on CCTV advertising strategy to promote the success of solar energy solar energy solar rain ”

Bringing home appliances “In the first solar Water heater The countryside in the whole country 31 provinces, 30 models Product successful. In technology research and development, brand building, promotion policy, under the strong promotion of the sun after rain in the era of economic crisis, bucked the market trend, 1? In October, the sun rain 80% sales growth. Close by the end of October, Jiangsu Sun Yu Group in 2009 production and sales of solar water heaters more breakthroughs in the industry millions in one fell swoop refresh solar thermal industry in China sales record. Centralized solar thermal industry official opening process, new energy, “Carrier Grade” The birth of giant enterprises into gestation.

Sun Rain Group Marketing Rong-Hua Chen, general manager of the tender spot

Xu, chairman of the New Sun Yu: “the end of 2008 the outbreak of the economic crisis of our enterprises, the more is an opportunity, in terms of the entire solar industry is also an opportunity. We had such an opportunity to seize, in 2009 until now So far, we achieve 80% growth, not just the proportion of exports, the production capacity we became a nation. We use the solar thermal industry, the market share occupied 76% of the market, some said that accounted for to 80%, 76%, but we feel more appropriate, and therefore heat utilization industry in the country is still relatively strong, the industry chain of all intellectual property and proprietary technologies that we are our own Chinese creation, not the introduction of foreign technology, we are now can export our technology, the output of our standard, we in this industry in the world that we still have some competitive. particularly in 2009, the state ‘appliances to the countryside’, our solar water heater also included in this industry, so from the second half of 2009, our market might be entering a new round of rapid growth. We also predict the 10 years, our industry will maintain a faster growth. In this case, we are increasing this year at the CCTV of running. ”

2009, the sun, rain formal third five-year business development plan “533 100” plan: the next three years to complete 5 major domestic bases, five years more to complete the international industrial layout, set up in foreign countries 2 -3 a branch, and comprehensively promote the sun rain modernization and internationalization of industrial development strategy; the next 4-5 years, the sun rain is expected to become China’s first solar thermal industry had billions of solar thermal business.

Xu, chairman of the New Sun Yu: “Many people may be more interested on the 10 billion, but I see more emphasis on the 533, a business development company to be profitable not only to make money, more importantly, to bear a social responsibility, we pull and lead on the employment of


Reduction contributions to help or call us is a very high value, we are full of their own efforts and through enterprise development, to society, more young people to provide more opportunities for employment and work, which is ‘533100 ‘ plan. ”

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