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Spring Festival approaching, the warm atmosphere of growing rich, are you trying to figure out for the purchase of new home appliances, stained with New Year’s “new atmosphere”? Want to want to, but positive “financial crisis”, do not very well-off, a shot not so generous. Recently, the country’s first new appliance rental store opened in Guangzhou, but the consumers of this new phenomenon is also not understand the misgivings. Check out our latest information to inquire into, to be a

Home Appliances Consumption of fashion! Consumer question 1: Rent and the service appliance can enjoy?

‘s Bottom: about “rent home appliances,” most consumers still find it unfamiliar. Guangzhou, the first electrical interview booking, “state home” learned, in after-sales services, installation of the whole urban area, free delivery in Huadu, Panyu district, if the total amount of over 5,000 yuan prepaid products can also be Free delivery service is installed.

Consumers worried about the after-sale service can fulfill the agreement to protect, if the machine belongs to the normal damage during the warranty period, consumers do not bear the maintenance costs, in this regard, “rent home appliances” can enjoy, and “buy household appliances, “the same service.

Consumer question 2: Appliance rental cost-effective it? ‘s Bottom: the need for short-term use of consumer appliances, lease than to buy more affordable way. Electric booking reporters learned: “All citizens have a legal identity as long as the hand in an appropriate proportion of the deposit, you can get by way of lease products.” Generally speaking, consumers need to pay the market price of a product 60% 70% as a deposit, lease rent and annual rent half way, consumers can choose according to their own needs the right term, the longer the more favorable rent. Rent is about half the market price of goods 40%; year, about 25%; for each of about 21%; three years about 18%. Booking sales, said: “The price is also negotiable. If consumers are leasing package, you can get more benefits.”

Booking sales to forget document’s account, if consumers want to rent a market price of 2,500 yuan a “Autran is hot

Water heater “Then he will need to pay a deposit of 1750 yuan, if only half a year lease, the rent will take about 1,000 yuan; rent year, rent is about 600 yuan; two years the rent is about 1100 yuan; three-year rent is about 1400 yuan.” Rent the longer treatment and that a lease period of time that consumers like this product, just need to pay the balance due, you can buy this product as has the. “Therefore, since the flexibility of rental home appliances, this approach is also particularly suitable for different home appliances to feel the” fashion people. ”

Consumer question 3: Variety of goods available for hire you?

‘s Bottom: It is understood that, at present, “state home” category, including home appliances available for rent

Flat Panel TV , Refrigerator , Washing machine , Air conditioning, water heaters and other large products, mainly domestic brands Zeyi. Home appliance, according to the Department of State responsible person, including Electrolux,

Samsung , LG, Siemens, etc., many famous foreign brands will also be introduced into the state house, when consumers choose products that will be more abundant.

It Hisense Kelon Guangzhou Branch Manager Running an introduction, “In the future we may also produce specialized custom machines for commercial customers, such as coin-operated washing machines, electrical appliances and so on fingerprint recognition, for consumers to have more choices.”

Consumer question 4: Are guaranteed rent to the new machine?

‘s Bottom: Currently, household appliances appliance rental rental market claim is new, but consumers are still worried: “So many people to rent appliances will be recycled after use refurbished and leased back to us, right? “This state home department official said the market:” Currently, we are available for hire new appliances. Our plan is to recover the old machine in the 23 market rent or sell reprocessing. In addition, we not be ruled out and manufacturers together on recycling electrical and renovation of the possible. ”

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