All Passengers Aged Revealed Vancl Eslite Reason For The Success (figure)

From PPG to do what was imitate the model, VANCL difference is very much on the application of the Internet in advertising on, VANCL shift the focus from line to the network through online advertising into patterns and major site strong co-operation, products and user experience have been continuously improved.

HC Apparel Network June 22, VANCL (where customers Eslite) announced BRA-T Braces formally entered into Women Market. After the pioneer into martyrs in the PPG, VANCL Why B2C in the field of clothing out of their own world?

VANCL (where customers Eslite) CEO Aged

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VANCL (where customers Eslite) CEO aged 20 June in the acceptance of “Fortune Life” interview that, VANCL and PPG the largest difference is, PPG is not an Internet company, but really played VANCL Internet power. Aged said that in addition to traditional methods such as COD, VANCL Alipay conducted with Cooperation Now the rate paid by Alipay rapid upward trend is present, these are not the same place VANCL.

From PPG have to do their imitation of the model, VANCL difference is very much on the application of the Internet, in Advertisement Propaganda, VANCL shift the focus from line to the network through online advertising into a powerful model and with the cooperation of the major sites, products and user experience have been continuously improved.

With the increasing acceptance of online payment with high, VANCL Alipay has cooperated with the introduction of online payment, the real flow of funds realized from the information flow throughout E-commerce To reduce cost and improve the cash flow rate. This also allows a large number of Taobao and Alipay nurtured a family of online shopping has grown up on VANCL new light.

“China and Asia’s B2C sector, the current way that most are still using cash on delivery, but we also noticed changes in the last few years, which with the growth of China, the Internet shopping population, such as Alipay, by ‘re trading in our whole Sell The proportion is increasing rapidly. “Aged said.

It is understood, VANCL cooperation with Alipay began in November 2008, January 2009 VANCL Alipay sales by more than 880,000 yuan, to May, that number has grown to more than 450 million, is January 5 times, 5 months, total trading volume has more than 12 million yuan.

Aged, said network transactions need to address the issue of integrity, to do such a payment platform, Alipay, need a lot of courage to take a lot of risk, but do come out very great, and to dispel the concerns of people shopping online, not only well to promote the development of e-commerce, also helped VANCL growth.

IResearch first quarter of 2009, according to the report, VANCL ranked in the B2C market, Jingdong, excellence, Dangdang later, in clothing B2C website was ranked first. VANCL into the women’s market, will bring more business to the imagination.

Present, VANCL site in addition to Men Shirts, T-shirts, women’s but also increased the pants, underwear, shoes, home, children’s clothing and other species, their diversity of thought has become increasingly obvious.

Well-known Internet analyst Lubbe hope long ago that Taobao C2C platform, such as ripening of the Chinese online shopping market, Dangdang and a number of the value of B2C companies to follow, “correspondingly,” the future of B2C market is expected to have a very considerable growth space.

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