Ant Colony?? Beijing Tangjialing Comprehensive Reform Started

Tangjialing mile northwest of the village, the one called “57 blocks” of Winter forest, fruit trees have been removed through the formation of land. Two years later, the villagers will be here live in Tangjialing Huiqian Lou, rental of foreign residents in Tangjialing expected to return, “Tang”, live in public rental.

Yesterday morning, Haidian District, municipal regulation losses are focused on the village – the villagers of Hui Qianlou Tangjialing and the official ground-breaking multi-functional industrial space, marking the transformation of Tangjialing region as a whole started. Xibei Wang town official said, according to the deployment, Tangjialing vacate region as a whole will be completed this year on December 31, replacement housing and multi-site construction industry will be completed in 2012, including 10 million square meters of public rental.

Tangjialing region Tangjialing resettlement village of Doi two preliminary planning and industrial sites showed Tangjialing to move back to the village resettlement village 2562, Doi Village, 1290; new resettlement farmers to move back to room 350 thousand square meters, construction of 188,000 square synchronization m multi-functional industrial land. 18.8 million square meters of multi-industry sites, the 100,000 square meters for public rental construction, 88,000 square meters of commercial housing. Doi specific to Tangjialing village and the village were: Tangjialing Village rent 66,000 square meters of public and commercial housing 52,800 square meters; Doi village, renting 34,000 square meters of public and commercial housing 35,200 square meters. In addition, Education Land, including 07,700 square meters of school space and 03,500 square meters of the nursery site.

According to the preliminary program, Tangjialing Doi replacement housing a total of 28 15-storey buildings, buildings in the middle of North and South, and also distributed cell style Street, Commercial Street, village square and other facilities and cultural activities.

To move back to room consists of four Unit: 53 square meters of a home, 83 square meters and 75 square meters with two bedrooms, 100 square meters of Sanju and 120 square meters of four ranks, two-bedroom Unit in the main. However, the final design needs to Unit issued to all the villagers, “Unit Area Selection Table”, the villagers hope to seek the “upstairs” of the Unit.

Xibei Wang town official said the current “Tangjialing vacate the relocation area homestead rehabilitation programs” are being studied stage next month to seek the views of the villagers, and required that party committee, village committee, village representatives to the General Assembly adopted expected to become effective in May formally introduced. Subsequently, the Tangjialing demolition area will be officially launched. In accordance with the unified arrangements of the urban areas, vacate the whole work will be completed on December 31 this year, as well as multi-functional industrial land resettlement housing construction will be completed in 2012. Meanwhile, the villagers turnover rental costs will be provided by the Government. Explaining the need for two years

construction period, the Xibei Wang town officials said, the original design for the 6-storey level, building time for one year. But the city planning department will be adjusted to 15 storeys tall, and therefore extended to two years duration. According to reports, two years after the resettlement housing will meet the admission criteria. And 10 million square meters of public rental strive to be completed earlier, but Unit design of public renting is in the research stage, do not rule out the possibility of extension of completion.

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