Henan: The Two “hardware” To Promote Energy Conservation

Early start in the chemical industry in Henan Province, particularly in resource-based re- Chemical industry Industry, though the “two high and one capital” feature significantly. To change this situation, the province in recent years under a great deal of effort, the development of a number of changes in the way, but last year’s International Financial Continuing effects of the storm, the province’s chemical industry is impeded the pace of energy saving, energy-saving effectiveness of the drop to rebound, or environmental pollution? Henan Province Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments recently announced the province’s energy-saving emission reduction in 2009, shows the energy in adversity Henan Environmental protection New achievements.

It is understood that, in 2009 in Henan Province seize “scientific development, structural adjustment” and “strictly enforce the law re-treatment” of two hardware, and promote the province’s pollution reduction and environmental quality improvement tasks are completed. Chemical oxygen demand and the province of major pollutants sulfur dioxide emissions fell 3.79% respectively over the previous year and 6.68%; provincial surface water quality section of environmental responsibility goals chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen compliance rates were 94.9% and 92.6%, higher than in 2008 increased 1.4 and 1.7 percentage points, urban ambient air quality good percentage of the number of days for 90.8% of urban centralized drinking water source water quality compliance rate of 99.5%.

In the transfer structure, weight saving, promote emission reduction, the province of the major measures are: departmental interaction, joint and comprehensive grasp. Last year, deepening the province, “Pollution Control Facilities Operation and Management of years” to speed up the chemical, Oil Processing, smelting, building material industries and enterprises such as emission reduction projects. Development and Reform Commission with the province’s environmental protection departments to vigorously promote industrial restructuring initiatives, the implementation of “the implementation of energy saving programs in Henan Province” in the small coke, calcium carbide, chemical, Leather Industries out backward production capacity requirements, the use of the total approved construction projects, sewage licensing, emissions trading and other measures to eliminate backward production capacity, adjusting the industrial structure, transform the mode.

In addition, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission in accordance with the “upgrade the industrial structure of Henan Province” Eleventh Five-Year “plan” and “Henan” Eleventh Five-Year “Coal Chemical Industry Development Plan”, etc., continue to promote energy conservation priority areas, in particular, to strengthen market access on the management of energy-intensive industries. Supervisory authorities in accordance with the “violations of law sanctions the Environmental Protection Interim Regulations”, created, and environmental protection departments of the joint case-handling system, to cooperate actively with environmental protection department of environmental law violation cases. Business sector enterprises being shut down its deadline to order the change, cancel or revoke the business license. Electric power sector regulatory requirements need to close or suspend production for rectification of the illegal sewage enterprises to take timely stops, limited power cuts. Departments join forces to effectively guarantee the energy conservation work.

Strict enforcement priority in administrative work, Henan Province, effectively solve a number of hazards affecting people’s health and environmental problems of sustainable development, mainly carried out two inspections, one inspector. April 2009 to December, under the unified leadership in the provincial government, the provincial Department of Environmental Protection, Development and Reform Commission, the Office of Industry and other 9 departments in the province carried out “illegal sewage remediation company to protect public health,” environmental protection special action and the “two high and one owned” enterprises, involved in chrome arsenic involved enterprises, key industries and enterprises such three law-enforcement inspection, as well as drinking water source protection zone for the main content of environmental protection inspectors anti-crime campaign. Investigation were organized, “one of two high-capital” enterprises 427, found problems in 21; total arsenic investigation involving 111 enterprises involved in chromium and found 32 environmental problems. The environment for business law, environmental protection departments have adopted closed down, and ordered the formalities, shutdown management, filing penalties and other measures in place to ensure business deadline for correction.

Focus on corporate governance to strengthen the province inspected enterprises with serious pollution in key river valleys, state-controlled provincial control key enterprises in 2596, on the 66 problems companies were taken off, supervise the handling, within the specified period, discontinued treatment such measures and urge the enterprises to actively carry out rectification. Inspected in July 2008 has started construction projects put into operation in 6124, check out the 134 illegal construction projects, not approved for the construction of the 113 first, illegal construction projects were taken close combat, go through the procedures for investigation and other measures; for failure to implement the “three simultaneous” system of 21 illegal items, were taken to stop building, stop production, deadline for correction measures.

According to statistics, environmental protection special action, Henan Province has a total of 92,574 personnel deployed people to check the sewage enterprises 39 871 times, and the environmental law of which 266 were filed for investigation companies, closed 167.

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