Is Back Link Building And Submitting To Search Engines Still Something Which Must Be Done

Search engine optimization has always been the key to attaining top search engine rankings for your internet site. The very first thing I ought to mention is that we are speaking about doing both on and off page optimization for your site. Many years ago if you wanted your internet site to be in the major search engines you needed to build a key word targeted site and submit this site to the search engines. Google then came to the determination that the volume of back-links that people had pointing to their site should play a large role in the site positioning. With Google continuously changing how they rank internet sites within their results back link building and search engine submission is a thing that many folks wonder if they should still be doing.

In this paragraph we are going to be looking at the importance of search engine submission to see if it’s still needed. If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for any length of time you understand that search engine submission used to be vitally important. But right now so long as you have back-links the major search engines will normally find your website by themselves. Needless to say one of the benefits of submitting your site to search engines like Google every month is to ensure that search engines like Google consistently visit your site. Obtaining consistent visits from the various search engines will make certain they are kept up to date to any content you may have added. At this stage you have to understand that it is no longer a necessity to submit your internet site to these search engines, nevertheless it can still have benefits if you opt to do this every month.

Of course in relation to back-links you are going to see that this is really a whole other story. Back-links have been and also continue to be extremely crucial in your search engine ranking. And even with all of their particular revisions it seems that this has never changed, and is not likely to change in the future. So even with all of Google’s current updates you are going to discover that it’s still important to create back-links for your internet site. The more keyword targeted back-links you can build to your internet site the higher the major search engines will generally rank your site in their results for those keywords. You should also bear in mind that you will need to optimize your web page for the keywords that you’re targeting.

Something you ought to comprehend is that Google is not going to tell anybody exactly the formula for top search engine ranking, but some of the elements of their algorithm are already well known. The one thing you should have learned in this post is you no longer have to submit your website to search engines but you most certainly need to keep building back-links Google may very well have thousands of various elements built into their algorithm to ascertain the ranking of the website but we do understand that back link building is one of them. And Google will actually count all the different back-links you have, assign worth to each and every back link and blend it with other elements to determine your overall ranking.

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